Month: September 2011

Figgy Lemon Tart

Oddly enough, I have been craving all things lemon. Why is this odd, you ask? Well, I don’t like lemon. Actually I don’t mind lemon, I just don’t love it. But lately, I’ve been adding  lemon to everything and loving it. To me, that’s… Continue Reading “Figgy Lemon Tart”

A Little of This and a Little of That

You can pack a lot of really great things into a smoothie glass. A smoothie has a lot of positives. It’s can be a  healthy and tasty breakfast or snack for people on the go. For those of you who are terrible about eating… Continue Reading “A Little of This and a Little of That”

Baked Apple Breakfast

My house smells heavenly this morning. This breakfast is the perfect way to celebrate one of the first days of Fall. Baked Apple Breakfast Preheat Oven to 350° (This recipe makes 1 baked apple) 1 Honey Crisp Apple 1/4 Cup GF Old Fashioned Oatmeal… Continue Reading “Baked Apple Breakfast”

Banana Plum Tart

A few days ago I bought a bag of fresh Italian Plums at the outdoor market. I had eaten several but wanted to set aside a few to make something…I just wasn’t sure what that something was. For the last couple of days I’ve… Continue Reading “Banana Plum Tart”

Because Sometimes, You Just Need To Start Your Day Off With Chocolate

We all have those days, don’t we? This is just a little treat that somehow helps to right what went wrong in our morning routine. Please drink it out of a beautiful cup, it makes all the difference in the world. Dairy Free Hot… Continue Reading “Because Sometimes, You Just Need To Start Your Day Off With Chocolate”

Veggie & Cheese Omelette

Sometimes I just can’t face another bowl of oatmeal or dairy free yogurt for breakfast. I actually prefer dinner leftovers for breakfast, but that’s another post I suppose. I like an occasional omelette, and having it filled with vegetables is certainly not  an unhealthy… Continue Reading “Veggie & Cheese Omelette”

Quick & Healthy Breakfast

Oatmeal. Sometimes I have a scowl on my face when I think about it. It’s very hard for me to get excited about oatmeal. Especially, when I woke up this morning craving bacon. Lots and lots of bacon. Unfortunately, I’m not the skinny chick… Continue Reading “Quick & Healthy Breakfast”

Heaven in The Form of Caramel Corn

I’m not a big fan of crunchy, crispy, caramel corn. I like mine warm, gooey, and slightly salty with a hint of vanilla. It’s a totally different experience than regular caramel corn. It seems lavish and special. Because it  is special. It’s not one… Continue Reading “Heaven in The Form of Caramel Corn”

Coconut Ice Cream with Warm Brown Sugar & Cinnamon Peaches

Peaches, coconut ice cream, brown sugar, and warm, soothing Fall spices? Honestly, there aren’t enough descriptive words to tell you how delicious this was. I could eat this every day of my life. Next time I make it, which might just have to be… Continue Reading “Coconut Ice Cream with Warm Brown Sugar & Cinnamon Peaches”

Spinach Pasta With Grilled Veggies, Chicken Thighs, and Walnut Pesto

Typically if I’m on my own for dinner I eat leftovers or toast, or cereal, or sometimes just dessert. However, all day today I was thinking about pasta and that Vegan Walnut Pesto I made a few days ago.  The day that I made… Continue Reading “Spinach Pasta With Grilled Veggies, Chicken Thighs, and Walnut Pesto”