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Coconut Ice Cream with Warm Brown Sugar & Cinnamon Peaches

Peaches, coconut ice cream, brown sugar, and warm, soothing Fall spices? Honestly, there aren’t enough descriptive words to tell you how delicious this was. I could eat this every day of my life. Next time I make it, which might just have to be… Continue Reading “Coconut Ice Cream with Warm Brown Sugar & Cinnamon Peaches”

My Kind Of Sundae

Trust me, living an allergen free life is not nearly as hard as people will tell you. I rather enjoy it. Gluten Free & Dairy Free Sundae 1 Gluten Free Namaste Brownie 1 Scoop of Luna & Larry’s Dairy Free Coconut Bliss Ice Cream… Continue Reading “My Kind Of Sundae”

Nectarine Peach Crisp for Two

It’s finally peach season in the Inland Northwest. They are about two weeks late but still just as delicious as always. I’ve been waiting and waiting for some really good peaches and nectarines to make a crisp and it’s finally time. I put them… Continue Reading “Nectarine Peach Crisp for Two”

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