Month: December 2016

Epsom Bath Treats ~ 3 Ways

Here’s another extremely simple way to treat yourself or others. Epsom salts with your favorite essential oils. Put them in cute jars or bags, make some tags and tie them with ribbon. I have always loved taking baths. Hot water has some kind of… Continue Reading “Epsom Bath Treats ~ 3 Ways”

Barkin’ Dogs Foot Rub

A couple posts ago I talked about having some issues with the paint on one of my projects. I’m not sure why they didn’t cooperate, but if you’re going to spray paint your lids, I would suggest spraying them with a primer first. Our… Continue Reading “Barkin’ Dogs Foot Rub”

Linen Spray ~ Two Ways

Looks like my luck is turning around. Remember when I said I had lost the ingredients list for one of my Christmas projects and I couldn’t remember what I had used? Well, as I was going through photos, I noticed that the ingredients list… Continue Reading “Linen Spray ~ Two Ways”

Nourish & Calm Body Butter

You may not realize it, but making many of your own body products is really, really, simple. Our skin is our largest organ and it’s important to really know what it is absorbing day in and day out. Many of the ingredients in store… Continue Reading “Nourish & Calm Body Butter”

Not So Simple Hot Chocolate Spoons

Actually, they are very simple. Just don’t do what I did and you’ll be fine. It seems that my knee injury has made its way up to my brain because the whole last week has been a comedy of errors. First there were paint… Continue Reading “Not So Simple Hot Chocolate Spoons”

Grain Free & Dairy Free Pumpkin Pancakes

I’ve noticed when pumpkin season rolls around, people are either beyond thrilled about it, or hate it. You already know where I stand. I can’t imagine hating such an amazing smelling, soothing, set of spices…but to each his own. These are just a spin… Continue Reading “Grain Free & Dairy Free Pumpkin Pancakes”

Help For Arthritic Hands

Over the last few years during the holidays I’ve been making body care gifts for friends and family.┬áLast year I made a sleep potion with several types of essential oils. My mom has very arthritic knuckles and her hands are often in pain. She… Continue Reading “Help For Arthritic Hands”