Holiday Ideas ~ My Top 10 Favorite Cookbooks

At one point before we moved across the country, I had close to 100 cookbooks. I loved each and every one, but needed to downsize so I didn’t have 15 boxes of books that had to be hauled to the other side of the US. I kept my absolute favorites and donated the rest. Below are my top 10 favorites that yes, I own and use. Each have their own style, unique flavors and techniques.

Farm House Cookbook 

Comfort food at its best from family farms across rural America.


Hardcover $27.97 / Softcover $14.89

Ready Or Not Nom Nom Paleo

150 Plus mouth watering recipes with step by step photos. Very visual, fun to read!


Kindle $10.69 / Hardcover $22.91

Gluten Free Artisan Bread In 5 Minutes A Day 

Gorgeous, delicious, easy recipes for homemade gluten free breads.


Kindle $14.99 / Hardcover $18.37

Rose’s Christmas Cookies 

Every delicious cookie you can imagine in one place.


Hardcover $17.39

Down South Paleo

Delicious southern recipes for gluten free and paleo eaters. 


Kindle $9.99 / Paperback $17.45

Every Last Crumb

She has some really interesting and delicious recipes with variations for people with multiple food allergies. 


Kindle $9.99 / Paperback $26.35

The Complete Mexican, South American, & Caribbean Cookbook 

Full of fabulous recipes that I’ve used for dinner parties and gatherings. So flavorful!


Hardcover $17.50

Mediterranean Paleo 

 Mouth watering, rustic, recipes that are full of flavor and even if you never try a single recipe, this cookbook is packed with wonderful stories, photos, and information. 


Kindle $9.99 / Paperback $23.64

Old Fashioned Home Baking 

If I had to choose my top all time favorite baking cookbook, I think this would be it. Brings back memories of my grandma’s style of baking. 


Hardcover $25.29

My Paleo Patisserie

This cookbook is absolutely stunning!! Both in the photos and the recipes. Two decades of traditional and modern patisserie baking that has been converted for the gluten free and paleo diet. A beautiful coffee table book that your guests will love thumbing through as well!


Kindle $9.99 / Hardcover $35.46


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