Month: December 2013

A Very Merry Christmas

I have such good news! And I’m not even going to save the best for last. We are going home for Christmas! Now don’t get me wrong, we love New Hampshire. But home for me is where my mom and Brandon are. (Not there of course,… Continue Reading “A Very Merry Christmas”

41 Fabulous Gluten Free & Dairy Free Breakfast Ideas For The Holidays

Have you decided what you’ll be making for breakfast on Christmas morning? Just in case you haven’t, I thought it would be nice to gather all of my breakfast recipes into one place. There’s bound to be something here that will light up your… Continue Reading “41 Fabulous Gluten Free & Dairy Free Breakfast Ideas For The Holidays”

Twenty Nine Gluten Free & Dairy Free ~ Holiday Cookie & Candy Recipes

The holidays just aren’t the same in our house without our yearly traditional recipes. Each Christmas season I always tell myself I’m going to add something new to the list, but there are just those favorites that I’m not willing to give up. Below… Continue Reading “Twenty Nine Gluten Free & Dairy Free ~ Holiday Cookie & Candy Recipes”

Dark Chocolate Cherry Surprise

This candy is incredibly easy and fast to make and has a big payoff. Cherries and chocolate are a match made in Heaven and with the addition of salted pretzels and a few soft marshmallows…very tasty! I would say from start to finish, making… Continue Reading “Dark Chocolate Cherry Surprise”

Pecan Sandies

Pecan Sandies have been a part of my family’s traditional Christmas baking for as long as I can remember. I love how filling the house with baking scents bring back such good memories of Christmas past. The Christmas season was a very special time… Continue Reading “Pecan Sandies”

Wholesome & Happy

I recently discovered that many of the beauty products I’ve been using have gluten. It started with my face lotion that was making my eyes puffy, my nose itch like crazy, and my face feel rashy. I sat down at my computer and researched every… Continue Reading “Wholesome & Happy”

The Battle With Inflammation

Not all inflammation is a bad thing. The inflammation response is meant to heal and protect our bodies from invaders like bacteria, viruses, cancer, etc. However, when you have food allergies your inflammation mechanism sees the allergen foods you’re eating as invaders of your… Continue Reading “The Battle With Inflammation”

Healing Morning Smoothie

Good Morning. I hope today finds you well and full of energy! I can’t exactly say the same about myself, so I started my day off with this smoothie that is packed with nutrition and goodness. Whether it will heal what ails me or not, I… Continue Reading “Healing Morning Smoothie”