Month: November 2012

Gettin’ In A Groove

Today was a gorgeous day! Cold, but sunny and bright. The lakes in this area are beginning to freeze over. Soon there’ll be ice fishing. I can’t see myself walking out onto a frozen lake anytime soon, I’ve seen way too many 20/20 shows… Continue Reading “Gettin’ In A Groove”

Good Morning!

As much as I wanted to wake up this morning and make bacon and those buckwheat pancakes we had the other morning…I stuck with oatmeal. We had french toast and bacon yesterday and honestly, how much bacon can a girl really eat before it… Continue Reading “Good Morning!”

The Home Stretch

Only 10 days until we are finally able to sit down and sign the paperwork for our new home. We are really looking forward to getting settled. After telling you yesterday that we haven’t had any major stress over this move, today was the first… Continue Reading “The Home Stretch”

First Impressions

Did I tell you that Tony’s Telenav bit the dust right in the middle of New York last night? And do I have navigation on my new phone yet…and do we know how to use the navigation in our new truck?  Uhhhh…noooooo. It was… Continue Reading “First Impressions”

We Have Arrived!

We’ve finally reached our new home state! Last night we arrived in Keene, New Hampshire, about 35 miles from our new home. It amazes me how quickly we were able to travel through five states in one day. Pennsylvania, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts  and New… Continue Reading “We Have Arrived!”

Buckwheat Pancakes, A Multi-Purpose Gas Station, & Ticks

Yesterday we were excited because we stopped at a market that touted a fresh meat counter and fresh seafood. The meat counter was tiny and looked anything but fresh and the seafood cooler was downright scary. Did I mention it was attached to a… Continue Reading “Buckwheat Pancakes, A Multi-Purpose Gas Station, & Ticks”

Bleak Friday

We ventured out of the woods and into a nearby town today. Our main goal was to find a heated hose for the water that goes into our trailer from the outside spicket. My main goal was to hopefully get a little Christmas shopping… Continue Reading “Bleak Friday”

Happy Thanksgiving From Pennsylvania!

We have arrived at our camping destination. It’s gorgeous, but a bit more rustic than we were hoping for. We have to be available by cell phone and internet for the numerous phone calls and paperwork involved in buying a house. We did some… Continue Reading “Happy Thanksgiving From Pennsylvania!”

Chicago…From The Freeway

This morning Tony discovered that one of our trailer tires was completely bald. Luckily, we were able to find the Goodyear people and they were kind enough to replace all four of them for us…for around $700.00. Ouch. But it was either replace them… Continue Reading “Chicago…From The Freeway”

Wyoming, South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin

Yesterday was a really long day but it was worth it. The drive (during the day anyway) was gorgeous and the weather has been unbelievably nice! After we drove a bit throughout Wyoming the weather improved and all the way through the remainder of… Continue Reading “Wyoming, South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin”