Month: September 2018

Coconut Sugar Dark Chocolate Macaroons

These are delicious and absolutely simple to make. From start to finish they’re done in under 30 minutes. Healthy ingredients and the perfect snack when you’re craving just a little something sweet. Coconut Sugar Dark Chocolate Macaroons (Makes 14 Small Cookies) 1 1/3 Cup… Continue Reading “Coconut Sugar Dark Chocolate Macaroons”

Butter Lettuce Steak Wraps

I’ve cut down dramatically on red meat. In fact, I haven’t had a steak in almost three weeks. If you aren’t familiar with me and my love affair with steak, I could easily eat a gigantic, bloody rib eye every day of my life.… Continue Reading “Butter Lettuce Steak Wraps”

Grain Free Date Cookies

My husband has eaten several of these over the past few days and enjoyed them – without ever asking me what was actually in the cookie. A couple of days ago I was having a medjool date as an after dinner treat and offered… Continue Reading “Grain Free Date Cookies”

The Big FIVE OH! Or Otherwise Known As, My Best Birthday Yet

How do you feel about your birthday? Dread it, love it, celebrate it, pretend like it never happened? It IS the only birthday at that age that you will EVER have. I wonder if people understand the significance of that? I turned 50 this… Continue Reading “The Big FIVE OH! Or Otherwise Known As, My Best Birthday Yet”

Langostino Tacos

While I was looking for wild caught fish that’s easy to deal with at Costco the other day, I ran across Langostino “Lobster Tails”. Lobster? Not really, but they do taste like miniature lobster tails. And after searching “what is langostino” in Wikipedia, let’s… Continue Reading “Langostino Tacos”