Holiday Ideas ~ My Favorite Kitchen Tools

I have always had a deep love for kitchen time and everything that goes along with it. Even washing dishes! Standing next to my mom or aunt dipping my hands into hot, sudsy water in my grandma’s kitchen (she of course didn’t have an electric dishwasher), and sitting at the kitchen island watching her cook, are some of my most relaxing and most cherished memories. The majority of my favorite family memories take place in my grandma’s house, with lots of family present and wonderful food. I wanted that same experience for my own family while our son was growing up. The kitchen is the heart of our home!

Below are some of my kitchen favorites. Any of them would make great gifts for your loved ones!

Multiple Blade Spiralizer $24.99

Such a simple way to make zucchini noodles and much more! It’s easy to clean and I really like that it suctions to the counter for safety.


Zacfton Slicer & Shredder $23.99

Our son bought us this cheese grater for Christmas one year and we absolute love it! Comes with different blades for all of your needs, easy to clean, and suctions to the counter.


Euro Cuisine Yogurt Maker $29.99

I’ve had this yogurt maker for years and it works great every time!


KitchenAid 7 Cup Food Processor $74.99

I make pesto in mine, chop nuts, grind meat for lettuce wraps, you name it – makes life so much easier!


Hamilton Beach Belgian Waffle Maker $42.53

We use ours at least three times a month. Perfect waffles every single time.


Non Stick Covered Wok $55.99

Our son bought me this wok one year for Christmas and I really like how versatile it is. Also love the easy clean up!


Lodge Dutch Oven $59.99

I think the value and quality of Lodge products is really impressive. Yes, you can buy LeCreuset if you have the budget but Lodge works just as well and comes in all kinds of beautiful colors shapes and sizes too.  I use mine regularly and have never been disappointed!


KitchenAid Stand Mixer $189.99

I’m pretty sure everyone knows the value of the KitchenAid Mixer! It’s fabulous and has all kinds of cool attachments to meet your needs. I’ve had mine for many years and it’s still going strong. I also purchased the ice cream maker that goes with it and I love it!


Vitamix Blender $299.95

I know that price tag is frightening, but I promise you that a Vitamix blender is worth every single penny. I can’t believe how many years we wasted money on cheap blenders that couldn’t handle the work. We make smoothies in it regularly as well as grinding groat seeds for buckwheat flour. So easy!


Instant Pot $99.95

This is not the scary pressure cooker from your childhood! Simple to use and extremely versatile. Even though I’ve used ours many, many, times I am always amazed at what it can do and how quickly it can do it!


Retro Electric Kettle $39.99

I am absolutely in love with this adorable retro kettle! I really dislike having a tea kettle on the stove. They get dirty and have to be moved to make room. Electric kettles have a base that plugs in so you can put it anywhere you want. The kettle releases from the base to fill and pour.


Omega Masticating Juicer $295.00

Another kitchen appliance that is worth its weight in gold! This masticating juicer removes every possible ounce of juice from your veggies and fruits. It’s not loud and obnoxious either and is easy to clean!


Fluted Biscuit Cutter Set of 5 $16.95

I love all of the different sizes! I use them for biscuits and cookies.

img39o (1)

Fat Separator $14.99

No more skimming fat off of soups, sauces, and gravies with a spoon. This makes it so simple. The fat settles at the top and you just pour it right off leaving what you want underneath.


Ice Cream/Cookie Scoops Set of 3 $16.99

These come in handy for more things than you would think.


Set of Three Fine Mesh Strainers $12.99

More little gadgets that I find myself using all the time!


KitchenAid Immersion Blender $74.99

I’ve had mine for years and use it for making creamy soups and gravies and amazing fruit sauces. This one comes with all kinds of fun gadgets too!


Potato Ricer $23.99

This tool makes the lightest, fluffiest, potatoes you will every eat! You can leave the potatoes riced or you can rice them and then whip them up for creamy mashed potatoes. You can also rice cooked carrots, beets, whatever you like!


Digital Food Scale $18.99

Sometimes the measuring in baking needs to be exact. This food scale is easy to use and works great!


4 Comments on “Holiday Ideas ~ My Favorite Kitchen Tools

  1. Great list of gadgets. Always wanted a fat separator….need one for my body, too, hahah.


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