This morning I was meandering through a fellow blogger’s food blog and ran across a delicious looking smoothie. Made me realize I haven’t had a smoothie in a really long time. It seems like we’ve had the longest, rainiest, cloudiest, winter ever…which makes me want to eat comfort food for breakfast. This morning, even though it’s still cloudy, I actually woke up to the sweet sound of birds singing, a true sign of spring! Goodbye heavy oatmeal and scrambled eggs and hello fruit smoothies.

This is kind of a “what’s in the fridge” smoothie. I also had spinach and parsley that I considered, but I just couldn’t stomach the thought today. I’ll have to do a super foods smoothie another day.

What’s In The Fridge Smoothie

*Makes 2 – 16 oz. glasses with a little left over

2 Tbsp. Brown Rice Protein Powder

1/2 Cup Almond Milk

1/2 of a Large Organic Banana, peeled

1/4 of an English Cucumber, peeled

1 Whole Mango, peeled & rough chopped

1/2 Cup Organic Carrots

6 Kumquats, washed and green end nubs removed

1 Cup Pineapple in its own juices, not sweetened

1 Cup Organic Frozen Blueberries

1 Cup Ice

Get all of the ingredients ready to go.

In a heavy-duty blender add the pineapple, protein powder, and carrots. Blend until smooth. Add the kumquats, mango, and cucumber. Blend until smooth.

Add the banana and blend until smooth. Add the blueberries a little at a time, blending until smooth. Add almond milk and ice and blend for about 1 minute.


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