Crockpot Turkey Meatball Soup

I’ve been singing the praises of the crockpot for years. If you don’t have one, you need one. They are an inexpensive investment for saving time. I don’t know one person that wouldn’t like to save time who doesn’t at least occasionally dread the thought of making dinner when they’ve worked a long day inside or outside of their home. This can be prepared the day before, refrigerated, and then you just pop it in the crockpot in the morning before the start of your busy day. Six to eight hours later, you’ll be greeted by the soothing smells of homemade soup. Kick off your shoes, warm up some bread (gluten-free of course) and you’re done for the day.

Crockpot Turkey Meatball Soup

2 Packages of Ground Turkey

2 Eggs

1 Tbsp. Basil

1 Tbsp. Oregano

Small Sprig of Rosemary

About 1/4 Cup Dairy-Free Parmesan

1 Tbsp. Chopped Garlic

1 tsp. Sea Salt

1/2 tsp. Pepper

Olive Oil

1 Large Onion

1 Heaping Cup of Pre-Shredded Carrots

3 Large Kale Leaves, Stalks Removed & Leafy Parts Chopped

2 Tbsp. Chopped Garlic

2 tsp. Sea Salt

1 tsp. Pepper

About 4 Boxes of Gluten-Free Chicken Broth

Place the ground turkey, eggs, chopped basil,oregano and rosemary, chopped garlic, dairy free parmesan, and 1 tsp. of sea salt and 1/2 tsp. of pepper in a large bowl. Combine all of the ingredients with your hands, being careful not to overwork the mixture. You want all of the ingredients completely combined but not “mushy” and without at least a little texture. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper and form the turkey into about 1 inch balls. I would say it makes between 45-50 (Almost two trays.)

Bake in a 400 degree oven until lightly golden. About 30 minutes or so. Don’t overcook them as turkey has very little fat and they will become dry.

While the turkey is baking chop the onion and remaining garlic and saute in olive oil just until the onions begin to turn translucent. Add the chopped carrots and toss for 2 minutes, add the chopped kale and toss for two minutes more. Place meatballs and sautéed ingredients in crock pot, fill with chicken broth, season with remaining salt and pepper and cook on low for 6-8 hours depending on your schedule for the day.

This is a full crockpot so I would say that it would serve at least five hungry people with a little left over. I served it in the infamous Pier 1 debacle ramekins and I think the contrast was quite nice.

15 Comments on “Crockpot Turkey Meatball Soup

  1. This was SO delicious! We didn’t do the crock pot part, but it was so amazing. We will make this often!


  2. The turkey balls are baking – everything else is in the crockpot. We’re taking it to have supper with some housebound friends, one of whom has a bad cold, Smells wonderful! Thanks!

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