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How To Be Happy Without Gluten & Dairy

It’s ALL about attitude and courage. We need to be the positive voice in a sea of negative thoughts running through our own heads. (Photo – peppersandrogersgroup.com) We’re stressed because we feel terrible all the time and then we’re happy because we’ve figured out why… Continue Reading “How To Be Happy Without Gluten & Dairy”

Chicken Tetrazzini

I used to make turkey Tetrazzini every year with Thanksgiving and Christmas turkey leftovers. Of course that was prior to going gluten-free and dairy-free and those Tetrazzini dishes included a lot of cream and probably three kinds of lovely cheese, along with gluten bread… Continue Reading “Chicken Tetrazzini”

Herb Cheese Logs

Guess what? You can freeze goat cheese. Who knew? I had no idea. According to the internet, soft cheeses freeze quite well, actually. This opens up all kinds of ideas for different types of goat and sheep’s milk cheeses. This cheese is mild and delicious. Not overly… Continue Reading “Herb Cheese Logs”

Happy Easter

Another beautiful Easter has already come and gone. My mom and our son joined us this year…I only had to cook for 4 people! I’m used to cooking for a crowd on special occasions at our house. It felt a little odd to not… Continue Reading “Happy Easter”