Staying Fueled

This is my latest easy, go-to snack, that I’m somewhat obsessed with. It’s simple because most of it is already made for me. All I add is a drizzle of olive oil and rice wine vinegar with herbs. It’s packed full of protein and vegetables, it’s filling, and it makes for a delicious snack or lunch salad.

It amazes me that Trader Joe’s is such a tiny, little store, yet almost every time I go, I find something new! Before I found the ingredients for this salad, it was the to-die-for buffalo mozzarella. I love Trader Joe’s. And I didn’t think I would because it’s so small. Now I’ve discovered that I’m a bit spoiled because it’s only 20 minutes from my house. When we move to New Hampshire, I will have to drive 45 minutes to find the nearest Trader Joe’s. But believe me, that certainly won’t stop me!

All this lovely salad takes to make is Trader Joe’s Healthy 8 Chopped Veg Mix and their Balela  salad, a drizzle of olive oil and a drizzle of rice wine vinegar with herbs. That’s it. The chopped veggie mix is pretty much self-explanatory and the Balela salad has chickpeas, black beans, tomatoes, olive oil, and herbs. Mixed together, they create a little bowl of heaven.

9 Comments on “Staying Fueled

  1. This is a gorgeous salad! I didn’t have Trader Joes in Florida, but since I found it here in Atlanta, I’m hooked! I will have to look for these ingredients, this would be perfect for lunches!


  2. That looks sooo good! I’ve never thought about combining different combinations from a store like Trader Joe’s. You’re lucky to live near one, even 45 minutes wouldn’t keep me away. When will you be driving to your new home??


  3. This looks like a great salad, April, so fresh and appealing. And it couldn’t be easier to prepare. I have to get a trip to Trader Joe’s into my errand schedule. I like what I’ve seen when I’ve gone there I just don’t think to go.
    Such great news about the selling of your home. I’m sure your search for a new home will be quick and very rewarding. 🙂


  4. I keep reading blogs that mention Trader Joe’s and the one thing they all say is what a great store it is. I would love to go there! xx


  5. For my month of writing i am going to be making big tubs of coleslaw, I bet I could add chick peas to that too. i love this kind of snack. For that whole month i am going wheat free, bread just slows me down lately so I might even be having little snacks like this fro breakfast! c


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