Almost Ready

I had high hopes of keeping you informed each day…some of you who have gone through major moves at some point in your life are probably giggling at the ridiculousness of that statement. Seriously, we have been running around like our hair was on fire for the last several days! Every night my head hits the pillow I’m sound asleep in 3.5 seconds.

Yesterday, I spent 6 hours at the computer working on paperwork for the new house, printing all the paperwork we’ve signed, insurance, paying bills, etc. trying to get organized because I just don’t know when I’ll be able to have the time to sit and work on it again.  They make you sign mountains of paperwork when you’re buying a house back there. Every day it’s something else. Changing over our home owners’ insurance and car insurance to NH, took an entire hour.

I have managed to snap a few pictures in the middle of all the craziness. Nothing fancy or exciting, but at least a little bit of what’s been going on. The movers arrived on Tuesday.

I had a nice fall in the middle of the move and now am sporting a black and blue hand and a nicely bruised right knee. I thought I was just stumbling but quickly came to the realization that my foot was caught in something. I lost my balance, had my brand new iPhone up to my ear, and rather than have it fly out of my hand and hit the wall…I just stumbled forward and landed on my knee and my hand took almost all of my weight on the edge of the wall. I thought I had broken my hand. And of course, I fell in front of the movers. Why can’t we ever fall or run into something when no one is looking?  I’m fine though, just bruised (including my ego). My mom had me put Traumeel on my hand and my knee and it made a major difference in the swelling and pain.

We did the majority of the packing but had them pack all of our lamps and two large pictures and one large mirror that I didn’t want to deal with. They also packed up the wine I had stocked up on this summer. Wrapped it individually so it would be safe in storage and transit.

I was shocked by how quickly they packed the few items we left behind for them. I’m glad I didn’t attempt the lamps. They packed them much better than I would have. This is a picture of them loading my husbands motorcycle. He was worried, but luckily had to be at an oil change appointment so wasn’t there to see them roll it up the ramp. I think it would have made him nervous. One of the guys in the front grabbed the brake, the bike lurched, and the poor big guy in the back got a pipe in the crotch. He was impressively quiet about it.

In less than 6 hours, they had our entire material life packed in the semi truck. This is Robert, the impressively quiet one.

And off they drove to take our things to storage until it’s time to close on the house in New Hampshire. Tony was still at the oil change appointment so I watched them drive away by myself. It wasn’t nearly as sad as I thought it would be, but it was a bit surreal to walk around our empty house.

This has been the view from my mother’s dining room window for the past 4 days. Our temporary home here, and while we travel across the country.

All the pets seem to be doing fine. After looking through pictures I realized that moving day, the first day at my mom’s, looks like it was a little depressing for them. Romeo is typically happy to “go with the flow” unless you want him to walk on a floor that’s not carpeted.

Abigail followed me from room to room with her tail between her legs while I packed for the last two days in our house. She stared at me a lot, probably hoping I could explain to her what was going on. Once we arrived at my mom’s she curled up in the chair and immediately fell asleep.

This is Penelope, my mother’s cat. I can only imagine what she’s thinking in this picture. Whatever it is, it involves swear words. Penelope and our cat, Chloe, had a loud hissing conversation. Chloe now spends her time in our trailer.

But, after four days together (add KittyKitty, the kitten to the mix) they are all getting along great (minus Chloe). The cats are even putting up with dog slobber on all of their toys.

Our plan is to head toward Montana sometime tomorrow. We’re just kind of winging it. Once we hit Billings and stay for the night, we’re thinking we’d like to head toward Mount Rushmore. I’ve never seen it…heck, I haven’t seen 3/4 of the United States! My husband has a lot of vacation he hasn’t been able to take. Lucky for us, we’ll be able to spend the rest of November and the majority of December together. He’s been traveling 5 days a week or more since May, so needless to say, we really need the break. Even if it does involve driving across the US and moving into a new house.

Once we hit the road life will slow down and I’ll be better about taking pictures for you and getting tid bits of facts of the places we travel through from this point forward. I absolutely love road trips and find them so relaxing, I can’t wait to get ours started! Oh, and since this is a food blog and you know I’m a foodie, of course you know we haven’t been doing without. Wednesday we grilled burgers. Thursday we had chicken stir fry and brownies for dessert, and tonight we had ribs, potato salad, baked beans, and cole slaw. Tomorrow morning I’m making crepes before we hit the road. Just because life is hectic doesn’t mean the food can’t still be great!

Talk to you soon! ~ April

5 Comments on “Almost Ready

  1. How exciting! You’re at the starting line of a new chapter in your lives, revving your engines, just waiting for the green flag. You’re going to see some beautiful country along the way and Mount Rushmore is a very impressive monument. Enjoy the ride! Safe travels.


  2. What an exciting time for you. I love how you’re not just going to fly into NH but instead take time to spend together traveling across the States and seeing all the sites. I look forward to sharing your journey with you. Good luck! xx


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