Tag: Healthy Snacks

Staying Fueled

This is my latest easy, go-to snack, that I’m somewhat obsessed with. It’s simple because most of it is already made for me. All I add is a drizzle of olive oil and rice wine vinegar with herbs. It’s packed full of protein and… Continue Reading “Staying Fueled”

Some Of This & A Little Of That – Snack Bites

I’m going to call these “healthy” because they have lots of things that are relatively good for you and only one thing that you could probably live without if you had to. Brown sugar. Not a ton, just enough to add a little sweetness,… Continue Reading “Some Of This & A Little Of That – Snack Bites”

Hot Lava Kale Chips

Are you thinking, ewwww…kale? And,¬†what are kale chips? Kale chips are kale leaves that have just a little drizzle of olive oil and a sprinkle of sea salt and are toasted in the oven until crispy. Yes, crispy. Just like potato chips, but healthier… Continue Reading “Hot Lava Kale Chips”

Roasted Pumpkin Seeds – Two Ways

It’s that gorgeous time of year again! Crisp mornings have arrived and the trees are turning beautiful colors. The view in our backyard is gorgeous. The leaves are turning and some of them are just beginning to fall to the ground. People are finding… Continue Reading “Roasted Pumpkin Seeds – Two Ways”