Gluten Free Focaccia Mix

Chebe Focaccia Mix - Gluten,Yeast, and Dairy Free

Simply put, I love this product. Chebe has an entire line of mixes. So far, I’m stuck on this one.  I can’t get it out of my head. I’ve made focaccia bread with it, numerous pizzas, snacks for parties…the things you can add to this and put on top of it are endless.  And you just have to love the logo, Slightly Unusual, Unusually Good. They’re right, it is slightly unusual. When you pour it out of the bag it’s very light and soft, due to the tapioca flour and manioc starch (don’t pour it out too quickly or you’ll have a cloud hovering over your counter).  It truly is, unusually good.  I think what makes it that way is that it’s unusually diverse.  I rarely follow recipes completely, so I really like a product that I can tinker with.  Tonight I’ll be making a vegetable flat bread pizza with it for dinner.  I’ll post step by step instructions, ingredients, and pictures…so stay tuned!

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