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Cooking for Isaiah - Gluten Free & Dairy Free Recipes for Easy, Delicious Meals

Unexpected gifts sometimes turn out to be the best gifts!  My aunt Judy bought me this cook book and surprised me with it several months ago. Some of its pages are dog eared, it is filled with sticky notes, there are food stains on it,I write notes in it next to the recipes I’ve tried…true signs that it is a great cook book. Honestly, I can’t say enough good things about it.  Silvana Nardone owned a bakery for years and was the editor in chief for Everyday With Rachel Ray magazine.  It’s safe to say she knows her stuff. Her son was diagnosed with gluten and dairy intolerance and she had to figure out a completely different way of doing things than she was used to.  Sound familiar?

Silvana is a foodie like a lot of us.  So you know that when a mother sets out to find a way to comfort and love her son with food and then write a cook book about it, it’s going to be good. Another cool thing on the long list of things I love about this cook book is that she has 2 simple flour mixtures.  Easy flours to find, nothing fancy or scary. The recipes aren’t too complicated, you don’t need special tools, and best of all, every single recipe I’ve tried has been delicious. Perfect for the newbie. Perfect for the seasoned gluten free/dairy free cook.

I have made numerous recipes out of this cook book and have loved every single thing I’ve made.  I’ve served them to my family, to guests, to neighborhood kids…everyone was impressed and loved what they were eating.  I could post an entire page just on how mouth watering her doughnut recipes are.  By the way, the picture of the doughnuts is my picture. Yep, they came out of my oven and I decorated them.  Fancy, huh?  They are simple…and simply delicious.

Chocolate Dipped Chocolate Doughnuts

Her Corn-Shrimp fritters – heavenly. Isaiah’s Pumpkin Muffins with Crumble Topping – scrumptious and soothing. Her Chocolate Mousse Cloud Pie with Chocolate Cookie Crust – to die for. And can you believe she came up with all kinds of sweet and savory waffle mixes that allow you to create sandwich breads in your waffle iron? You need this cook book.

5 Comments on “A Must Have

  1. April, I am so inspired by you & all you have posted on this Blog! I ordered “Cooking for Isaiah” & read every recipe the day I received it. I made the Loaded Baked Potato soup the very next night for dinner~ delicious, but would cook & add additional cubed potatoes to add a bit of substance next time. I also didn’t puree the soup & left the sautéed celery & onions chopped for some texture. I was very tasty but felt it needed more to “chew on”!


    • Kim, I’m so happy you’re enjoying the blog! I too like texture in my recipes. To me, one of the most exciting things about cooking is the experimenting that you can do. Typically, the first time I make a recipe out of a new cook book I do it exactly the way it’s given in the book. Then, after dinner, I write a sticky note of what I would do differently the next time, if anything, and place it next to the recipe in the book. Then, the next time I make it, if I like my changes, I write them in the book next to the recipe. You are going to LOVE her cook book. Make sure you try the chocolate doughnuts…so easy and amazingly delicious. Have fun!


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