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I think spring is finally on its way to the Inland Northwest. Things are beginning to green up and bud. The Yellow Finch, Doves Starlings, Robins, and Quail have come out of hiding and arrived in our backyard. They don’t seem to mind one bit that it’s been pouring and gray for weeks on end and is only 38 degrees this morning.  Although I prefer it sunny and 80 degrees, there are still many little blessings to be found in this type of weather. You just have to work harder to see them and appreciate them.

One thing I love about spring more than anything else, when the birds arrive, the yard sounds like a jungle filled with a chorus of all different types of voices that seamlessly form one beautiful song.

Finding A Place At The Table

I was able to catch a few of our visitors this morning as they stopped by for a snack. Soon, when the weather warms up, we’ll also be visited by the Peregrine Falcon that likes to perch on our fence and meditate, the Bald Eagle that sours over the neighborhood in circles making that beautiful Bald Eagle sound it makes. Then, when things are in full bloom, the Hummingbirds will arrive in all their glory. For such a busy bird they are remarkably friendly and curious when I’m out in the yard working or sitting on the deck observing.

But for now, we’ll have to be happy with the rain and happy with the clouds that bring the rain. By the end of May our area will be emerald-green, lush and bursting with growth, inviting us out into the yard to enjoy the sun and an evening cocktail as we put our feet up and savor every moment we can.

An Early Morning Snack

Waiting Patiently

Posing Like Acrobats

The Brave One

The only one willing to stay when the dogs came out doing what bird dogs do.

The Obnoxious Cousins

You know the ones. They come to visit for the summer. It’s exciting to see them at first because it means the beginning of hot summer days and lazy summer nights. But a week into the visit, you realize you’re already tired of their selfish ways and obnoxious behavior.

Even The Ever Peaceful Doves Are Annoyed By The Cousins

“Come on Doris, let’s go play somewhere else. You know how they are.”

You Snooze, You Lose

“Ha-haaaaa! It’s ALL mine!”

Three Curious Ones Remain

Well, I’m off to see to Saturday’s chores.

Praying there is a break in the weather today so I can get my hands dirty in the yard.

I hope you all have a wonderful and productive Saturday!

Abigail also sends her best wishes.

9 Comments on “My Corner of The World

  1. It must be something to look above to see eagles flying about! The only things we’d see are jumbo jets on their way to O’Hare. Not quite the same thing. Nice post today and hope your Saturday is going great, too.


  2. Abigail looks very warm and comfortable. I love your bird feeder and how lovely that it attracts such gorgeous visitors. I hope the rain stops so you can enjoy being in your garden this weekend xx


  3. Thanks! Love the photos of the gold finches!! Our feeders have been full of birds, too, with lots of the gold finches’ red cousins, the house finch. No starlings!! I got to be out in my gardens doing clean-up today for about three hours. Then the rain returned. Hope you got a chance to get dirty, too.


  4. Looks like you’ve got a lot of little guests!! I would love to look out and see that many little birds (and the big ones)! We get squirrels who raid the birdfeeder:( xo Smidge


    • No squirrels, we do get the occasional rabbit though. My in-law’s have squirrels…they sure are crafty little creatures!

      I love to watch the birds. I was sad to see last night that the Dove showed up without its mate. I’m hoping to see them together today. I’ve read that they stay with the same mate until one dies, then they will venture out for a new one. I’m hoping the neighbor’s cat didn’t catch it!


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