Beautiful Days Ahead – My Corner Of The World


Our snow arrives. We’ve been waiting patiently…

Romeo’s snow nose.

Two minutes prior to that he had snow whiskers and brows too, but I couldn’t make it to my camera in time.

Equally as happy to see the snow.

Play time!

Hubby snow blowing for the 3rd time in 24 hours.

Chloe, staying warm inside.

Preparing herself for when the dogs come in and want to play chase with her.

They never understand why she won’t play fetch with their toys.


“You can take one more picture and that is IT!”

12 Comments on “Beautiful Days Ahead – My Corner Of The World

  1. Fantastic shots, don’t we all LOVE the snow, my favourite was the red fence and the ladder.. that sweet little bird house. .. everything just waiting! c


  2. Wonderful photos! The red fence, bird house…frolicking (how do you spell it?!) dogs! And, of course, kudos to your husband for his hard work. Thanks for brightening my day.


  3. Such sweet dogs.. Love those photos and wow, you finally have as much snow as us! Your hubby looks like he’s so excited to be using that big man-machine:)


    • Yes, he loves his toys! We live on the border of Washington and Idaho so we typically get a lot of snow. This year has been very slow though and we are way behind in our snow pack.


  4. Your “babies” are really quite a beautiful pair. My Max gets so excited when there’s a fresh snowfall. This morning he was more like a 4 year-old child than dog, running all over the yard, rolling in it, and attempting to make doggie snow angels. All in all, a nice set of photos making one great post.


  5. Beautiful photos and what gorgeous beings you share your life with. They all look so dignified and are quite used to the camera I’m sure… πŸ™‚ You are truly blessed.


    • Thank you Averil! I’ve just come from peeking around your blog and have signed up to receive your posts. How can I possibly pass up all of your beautiful bread recipes? I need to get back to working on perfecting a gluten free bread instead of snapping shots of our pups playing. πŸ™‚


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