Beginning The Journey

Well, we’ve made it to Billings, Montana. We left my mom’s house at about 10:30 this morning. Both dogs and the cat survived 8 hours in the car. It was an emotional day for me, having to leave our son and my mom behind. We all did very well and I kept it together until I got in the car.

Then I spent much of our drive through the remainder of Washington and then all of Idaho trying not to cry, which then resulted in a horrible migraine headache. There weren’t too many photo opportunities but I managed to catch a couple. We made a quick stop at Lookout Pass ski resort in Idaho for lunch and to let the dogs run around. It was really cold and made me think that if I was that cold and it’s not even winter, I’m going to have to invest in some serious under garments when the NH winter hits.

We saw two Bald Eagles in Idaho and by the time we arrived in Montana, the weather was gorgeous and sunny. I wanted to stop on the side of the road so I could show you that many of the telephone poles that lined the highway still had the old-fashioned insulators on them. Even blue ones! But it would have been too risky to have the trailer parked along the highway and there wasn’t anywhere convenient to pull it off the road.

The headache finally subsided about 30 minutes out of Billings, Montana. Just in time for us to arrive at our hotel, get all the animals settled, soak in a hot tub, and order a gluten-free (and dairy free for me) pizza from Makenzie River. We’re hoping to see Mount Rushmore sometime tomorrow. It’s a little over 5 hours from Billings. Can’t wait to see it, I bet it’s spectacular!

Do you think Abigail is sending Chloe a “message” by making herself comfortable in Chloe’s bed?

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