Guacamole for Two

This recipe is a tweaked version of Christina Ferrare’s guacamole. When I make it for two, I use two avocados, when I make it for a crowd, I use at least eight. I love the addition of chopped, sun-dried tomatoes. It makes a healthy snack or a great lunch, maybe served with side salad for two.

Guacamole for Two

2 Ripe Avocados

1/2 Jalapeno with seeds and membrane intact, diced

2 Tbs. Fresh Cilantro, finely chopped

2 Tbs. Red Onion, finely chopped

2-3 Sun-Dried Tomatoes, chopped

1 Lime

Sea Salt & Pepper

Chop the jalapeno, cilantro, onion, and tomatoes. Cut the lime into quarters. Place the avocado flesh in a bowl.

Mash the avocado with a fork until almost smooth. I like mine a little chunky. Add the jalapeno, onion, cilantro, and sun-dried tomatoes, stir. Squeeze all four quarters of lime into mixture and stir. Season with sea salt and pepper. Serve with corn chips, vegetables, or anything you like.

4 Comments on “Guacamole for Two

  1. it looks so green! Its so pretty… i rarely can make such a pretty guacamole..most of the time the avocados here are either way to hard, or already too ripe… im jelous…:)


    • Well thank you for such a nice compliment! I seem to run across the same issue with avocados here as well. The day I made this recipe I just lucked out I guess. Made a big batch yesterday with 8 avocados and it turned out OK. They were all at different levels of ripeness though so it took some work. The worst part though is that I had to pay $20.00 for 8 avocados. Highway robbery.


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