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Grain Free & Vegan Huckleberry Scones

We’re nearing the end of summer and you know what that means… Dread of winter? Living on hot cocoa? Hairy legs? Pumpkin spice everything? Hibernation? Well maybe…but not just yet. What nearing the end of summer means in the Northwest is … Huckleberry¬†Season! When… Continue Reading “Grain Free & Vegan Huckleberry Scones”

Glazed Pumpkin Scones with Cinnamon Maple Butter

~This recipe was adapted from The Gluten Free Baker Cookbook~ For The Scones: 1 15 oz. can of Organic Pumpkin 3 Tablespoons Pure Maple Syrup 2 Tablespoon Pure Vanilla Extract 2 1/2 Cups Mama’s All Purpose Gluten Free Flour 1/2 Cup White Rice Flour… Continue Reading “Glazed Pumpkin Scones with Cinnamon Maple Butter”

Berry Scones and A Side Of Fat Thighs

Just kidding, just kidding. Everyone knows that bacon is the new white meat. The healthy, New Year, slim down meat choice. No? You didn’t know that? Well, it is today. The original recipe for the scones came out of Delicious Living magazine. I tweaked… Continue Reading “Berry Scones and A Side Of Fat Thighs”

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