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Sit And Have Lunch With Me, And I’ll Give You An Update!

I’ve missed you! Every time I try to bake you something wonderful, or even sit down with a few Fall photos to say hello, something else calls for my attention. But a girl has to eat lunch, right? This gives me the perfect opportunity… Continue Reading “Sit And Have Lunch With Me, And I’ll Give You An Update!”

Easy Pasta Night

I’m noticing that since we made the decision to move and have put the house up for sale, that “easy” has been my go to word for a lot of things. It’s weird when your house is up for sale because you feel like… Continue Reading “Easy Pasta Night”

Baked Oysters with Chorizo & Spinach

Sunday was the first time I’ve ever shucked an oyster. It wasn’t quite as easy as my fishmonger would have me believe. In fact, while I was standing at the oyster case deciding whether or not I really wanted to take on this task,… Continue Reading “Baked Oysters with Chorizo & Spinach”