Help For Arthritic Hands


Over the last few years during the holidays I’ve been making body care gifts for friends and family. Last year I made a sleep potion with several types of essential oils. My mom has very arthritic knuckles and her hands are often in pain. She found that when she used the sleep potion on her hands that it relieved pain and with consistent use, reduced inflammation in her knuckles. This isn’t surprising considering the benefits of each of the individual oils but I was very happy to hear that it gave her some relief. This year I’ve made a more concentrated batch for her in roller bottles rather than a dropper bottle that make it easier to use and easy to toss in a purse or in a pocket.

To purchase the essential oils up front is a bit of an investment but only a few drops of each are needed because they are so pure and concentrated. Well worth the investment as you can use them for many other things.

Here’s the recipe:

10ml Roller Bottles (I buy them on Amazon)

Avocado Oil

Lavender (6 drops in each roller bottle)

Frankincense (4 drops in each bottle)

German Chamomile (3 drops in each bottle)

Valor (4 drops in each bottle)

Cedarwood (3 drops in each bottle)

Copaiba (3 drops in each bottle)

Eucalyptus Globulous ( 2 drops in each bottle)

Remove the rollers from each bottle. Measure essential oils into bottles first, then fill with avocado oil. Replace the roller and the lid and shake well. Rub on each knuckle (or area that is sore). These are concentrated so a little will go a long way.

Essential Oil Benefits:

Lavender ~ Calms nerves, mood balancing, restful sleep, eases dry irritated skin, allergy relief, aids in burn healing, anti-inflammatory, eases sunburn pain.

Frankincense ~ Eases nervous tension, eases anxiety and depression, anti inflammatory, stimulates immune system, eases restless leg, disinfects cuts & wounds, eases arthritis, eases allergies, promotes healthy skin

German Chamomile ~ Eases nervous tension, eases upset stomach, antibacterial, anti inflammatory, promotes sleep, eases muscle tension, promotes skin health.

Valor ~ Calming, eases anxiety, eases joint pain, eases tension headaches, eases snoring, eases sciatic pain and joint pain.

Cedarwood ~ Supports the lymph system, eases anxiety, eases insomnia, antibacterial, eases respiratory issues, aids sleep.

Copaiba ~ Relieves pain, anti inflammatory, aids in digestion, eases joint stiffness, eases aches, antibacterial, aids circulation.

Eucalyptus Globulous ~ Eases muscle aches, cough suppressant, boosts the immune system, anti inflammatory, antibacterial, antiviral, decongestant.

7 Comments on “Help For Arthritic Hands

  1. How very thoughtful – I bet your mother appreciates you very much. I love homemade gifts. I didn’t know you could buy roller bottles! That’s good to know xx


  2. You sleep potion is a true miracle worker on my poor old knuckles and I can’t wait to try your latest batch. Hoping I’ll find it tucked into my Christmas stocking. You my dear are my greatest blessing… ❤


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