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Simple Cabbage Salad & Roasted Chicken Lunch

Once you really focus on cleaning up your diet, it’s very interesting to listen to your body’s cravings. When you remove all the “noise”, like snacking mindlessly and eating to satisfy sugar cravings or your mood, you can hear your body telling you what… Continue Reading “Simple Cabbage Salad & Roasted Chicken Lunch”

Veggie & Chicken Goat Cheese Melt

Last weekend at the farmer’s market just down the road from us, we stumbled upon a local goat’s milk cheesemaker. He had lots of samples which is always fantastic and I came away with two different types of goat cheese. A spreadable garlic dill… Continue Reading “Veggie & Chicken Goat Cheese Melt”


Finally, a canned gluten-free and dairy-free soup that is┬ápalatable. Not only palatable, but actually quite good. I can’t tell you how many canned GF and DF soups I’ve tried only to be left disappointed and well, gagging. I think I’ve tried maybe 6 different… Continue Reading “Finally!”

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