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Easter Breeze

Easter weekend has come and gone and still, our typically warm spring is nowhere to be found! We were hoping to have our Easter meal, or at least cocktails out on the patio with a nice fire this year but the weather didn’t cooperate.… Continue Reading “Easter Breeze”

Grilled Peach Cocktails

I turned 45 years old today. I don’t feel a day past 35, maybe even younger. Age is such a strange thing. I see the gray coming in and the crow’s feet beginning, yet, I welcome the calm in this stage of life (most… Continue Reading “Grilled Peach Cocktails”

Brazilian Iced Coffee

It’s 86 degrees and balmy in beautiful New Hampshire today. A perfect day for a┬áBrazilian┬ápick me up. Brazilian Iced Coffee Makes 3 Cocktails 1 Cup Strong Coffee or Espresso, chilled 2 Tablespoons Granulated Sugar 6 Tablespoons of Canned Coconut Milk 2 Ounces of Dark… Continue Reading “Brazilian Iced Coffee”

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