Buckwheat Pancakes, A Multi-Purpose Gas Station, & Ticks

Yesterday we were excited because we stopped at a market that touted a fresh meat counter and fresh seafood. The meat counter was tiny and looked anything but fresh and the seafood cooler was downright scary. Did I mention it was attached to a gas station?I did grab some spicy Italian sausage for our pizza last night that looked safe. However, I had a stomach ache in the middle of the night that lasted for hours. That’s one of the difficult things about having food allergies and eating out or on the road. You just never know what’s really in your food and when your body is used to eating the same safe foods, adding odd things can make for some interesting intestinal issues.

Speaking of never quite trusting what’s in your food…we had salads at Panera Bread yesterday in Bloomsburg, PA. The one I told you about with turkey, cranberries, walnuts, and pears. It was very good. Tony had the steak and blue cheese salad and he said his was fantastic. But as I stood at the counter and told the manager who was taking my order that I was allergic to gluten and dairy and she assured me that my salad was safe, at the end of taking my order she asked me if I wanted to add a bakery item to my order for 99 cents. Hmmmm…then I have to ask myself, “does this person even know what gluten is?” So you see, it’s kind of a crap shoot for us food allergen people when eating out, and typically, the odds are not in our favor.

That gas station that touted fresh meat and seafood did have one neat little aisle though with local foods. That’s where I found the buckwheat flour and one other item that I can’t mention because Santa is going to place it in someone’s Christmas stocking. So “fresh” Italian sausage, buckwheat flour, an item that shall not be mentioned, and a tank full of diesel. All was not lost.

Buckwheat Pancakes

1 Cup of Buckwheat Flour

1 Cup of Mama’s All Purpose Almond Flour

1 1/2 teaspoons Baking Soda

1 1/2 teaspoons Baking Powder

A Healthy Pinch of Kosher Salt

1/4 Cup Pure Maple Syrup

2 1/4 Cups Organic Milk

1 1/2 teaspoons Pure Vanilla Extract

1 Tablespoon of Dairy Free Butter, melted/plus more for cooking

2 Eggs, separated

In a large bowl add all of the dry ingredients and whisk to combine. In a medium bowl add the milk, egg yolks, syrup,vanilla, and melted butter, stir with a fork to break of egg yolks and combine.

In a small bowl add the egg whites and mix by hand with a large whisk until soft peaks form.

Add the wet ingredients to the dry ingredients and whisk thoroughly. Carefully fold in the egg whites. Butter a skillet and add pancake batter by the spoonful or measuring cup when skillet is hot. Makes at least 15 large pancakes. Store leftovers in the fridge. I would think the batter would last about 3 days.

Today will probably be spent inside the trailer securing things and cleaning up for our road trip into New Hampshire tomorrow. The weather here today is windy with snow flurries. Yet their daily temperatures reach up to 50 degrees, the nights freeze solid, and the grass is still lush and green. Weird? Oh and have I told you about the Ticks? Yep, gazillions of them. And they are tiny, unlike the huge Washington ticks that you can easily see. Hunting dogs love to run in the woods, which means we have had to have Tick checks after every walk and have removed at least 15 of the creepy little creatures. The 16th was stuck to my husband’s stomach. Eeek!

Had I not been so freaked to find one nestled in Abigail’s ear this morning (after she slept right next to my head all night), I would have thought to take a picture of her ear with the tick in it and us removing it for you. But, my main goal was to get it  the heck out of there as fast as possible so I was only able to get a picture of the sore little red spot.

Poor Abbie!

4 Comments on “Buckwheat Pancakes, A Multi-Purpose Gas Station, & Ticks

  1. Aw, poor baby! I hate ticks. I have picked a few out of me this past summer. BLECH!

    I feel your pain with eating out and eating on the road… I can’t tell you how many times I’ve told the waitress/waiter/manager I can’t have gluten, then tell them that wheat, rye and barley, etc, etc, only to have them tell me, “Oh, don’t worry we don’t use wheat flour our bread is made from white flour.”
    Yup, it is scary alright. ~Lynda


  2. Are you able to eat these buckwheat pancakes with the milk in them? They do look delicious. How interesting to be offered a bakery item with your gluten-free meal! And ticks are terrible. We used to live near a beach and every summer, despite our best efforts, one of our two dogs would end up with tick paralysis. It’s hard to imagine something so small being so lethal xx


    • Yes! Buckwheat is naturally gluten free and I use almond milk. I made these homemade with almond milk and dairy free butter. They were delicious!

      The ticks are scary. In Washington we could get away with not treating our dogs for ticks (I prefer not to give them that medication if we don’t have to), but here, it’s a different story. They will definitely need to be treated and maybe year round. We’ll see. Hope you are doing well! 🙂


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