Good Morning!

As much as I wanted to wake up this morning and make bacon and those buckwheat pancakes we had the other morning…I stuck with oatmeal. We had french toast and bacon yesterday and honestly, how much bacon can a girl really eat before it starts finding a home on her thighs? So oatmeal it is. For this bowl I added a little brown sugar, pumpkin pie spice, and pecans.

Yesterday we spent a little bit of time driving through Henniker, Weare, Goffstown, and Manchester. Sounds like a lot but  they are all pretty small and close to each other. Manchester is the largest city in New Hampshire with a population of around only 100,000 people.

Both of us were feeling under the weather so we were kind of ho-hum about the whole thing and I didn’t even bring my camera. What we were really in search of was a grocery store that sold organic vegetables, organic eggs, and organic milk for Tony. We found The Fresh Market in Bedford, NH which is basically an outskirt of Manchester. It’s a little bigger than Trader Joe’s but much, much, nicer and outrageously expensive. Everything organic seemed to be a minimum of $5 each including one of those little pints of organic cherry tomatoes. We left with 4 plastic bags of groceries for $100. It was a really cool store though and would be perfect for those hard to find items for special recipes, entertaining, and unique food gifts. If we can’t find a regular grocery store that sells organic vegetables in our area, then I think we’re going to have to take a trip to Nashua, NH twice a month to stock up.

Today we’re headed into Peterborough to sight see and hopefully do a little Christmas shopping. Tony had looked at a house in that town while we were house hunting and said the town center is really nice and interesting.

Peterborough is home of The MacDowell Art Colony. The town is heavy in the arts and I’m hoping some of the local artists will have their work on display. I’m bringing my camera today, so stay tuned!

4 Comments on “Good Morning!

  1. Organic food is really expensive here too and it’s such a shame as more people would choose to eat organically except its price-prohibitive. Looking forward to seeing more images of your new world xx


  2. I agree with both you and Charlie. Organic food prices are too expensive, April, making them unattainable for the poor. Good nutrition shouldn’t be based on economic factors.
    Isn’t it fun — and exciting, to a degree — checking out the new surroundings? Finding an artists’ community is a real lucky stroke!


    • It’s totally fun and exciting! We are enjoying it. All vegetables, meats, eggs, and milk should be organic. We should have never allowed the government to do our thinking and our farming for us! And you’re right, it’s a crying shame that our government makes it so difficult to grow organic or raise organic animals that it ends up costing them a small fortune to do so and then that trickles down to the consumer. However, I have to say that I have found that Trader Joe’s organic vegetable prices are very reasonable. 🙂


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