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Ritual Multivitamin Review

About a month ago I shared about my struggle with supplements and the products that I have found work best for me. You can find that post Here. I also mentioned that I was waiting for the arrival of a new multivitamin that I… Continue Reading “Ritual Multivitamin Review”

A Big Pet Peeve

This will just be a quickie because I like to keep this blog about all of the cool things in life like food and family and experiences. However, I feel compelled to speak about this because I see it more and more on social… Continue Reading “A Big Pet Peeve”

Super Easy Kabobs & 10 Life Lessons Lyme Has Taught Me That You Can Learn Too

I was finally diagnosed with Lyme Disease in 2013 while we were living in New Hampshire. I say “finally” because I had actually gotten sick in 2006 and then extremely sick in 2008, when I was so sick I chose to quit my job.… Continue Reading “Super Easy Kabobs & 10 Life Lessons Lyme Has Taught Me That You Can Learn Too”

Peach Hand Pies

When life gets rough, I bake. Or clean house, or work in the garden, or go for a walk. I need that kind of therapy. Lying down is maybe a one or two day thing tops, after that, I need to putter even if… Continue Reading “Peach Hand Pies”

Pity Party For One, Averted ~ My Corner Of The World

How’s your summer going? Overall, ours has been great. Hot and sunny, and mostly relaxing, just the way I like it. In late spring I went on another pulsing dose of antibiotics. I’d been in a flare since November and it had finally gotten… Continue Reading “Pity Party For One, Averted ~ My Corner Of The World”

Chestnut Flour Chocolate Chip Cookies & Other Stuff

Yesterday I had a very productive day. I love those days! The days where you wake up at least somewhat refreshed, have a to-do list that’s pretty ambitious, and actually cross off everything on the list by the time you fall into bed.  I… Continue Reading “Chestnut Flour Chocolate Chip Cookies & Other Stuff”

My Corner Of The World

Spring is finally showing itself in New Hampshire. For some reason, it feels like this has been the longest winter on record. Thankfully, New Hampshire gets a fair amount of sunshine all winter long. Just when you think you can’t stand another snowflake, the… Continue Reading “My Corner Of The World”

Be Aware of Lyme Disease ~ Part III

This is the third installment of my series, “Be Aware of Lyme Disease”. In Part I we learned about what Lyme Disease is and its many symptoms, including mine. In Part II we discussed testing for Lyme Disease and the differences between the CDC, Lyme… Continue Reading “Be Aware of Lyme Disease ~ Part III”

Be Aware of Lyme Disease ~ Part II

In Part I of Be Aware of Lyme Disease I gave you a basic rundown on what exactly Lyme Disease is and how it works. I also shared my weekly symptoms with you as they mounted before treatment and my symptoms after the first wave of… Continue Reading “Be Aware of Lyme Disease ~ Part II”

Be Aware of Lyme Disease ~ Part I

Lyme disease is a bacterial illness caused by a bacterium called a “spirochete” and it is a bacteria and an illness that can wreak havoc in your life. photo courtesy of WebMD In the United States, the actual name of the bacterium is Borrelia… Continue Reading “Be Aware of Lyme Disease ~ Part I”