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Garlic Kalamata Grilled Chicken Sandwich & Easy Cucumber Salad

My grain free, dairy free, Garlic & Kalamata Olive Bread was a big hit. Also, surprisingly versatile. We had it with the chicken dish I posted last week. ¬†We had it with salad, I had some for breakfast one day with some cold chicken,… Continue Reading “Garlic Kalamata Grilled Chicken Sandwich & Easy Cucumber Salad”

Kurobuta Loin Chop Grilled Cheese

You may remember a while back I baked a Kurobuta ham for Easter. Have you ever had one? This is our Easter ham from last year. All I can say is, “WOW”. Kurobuta pork (Japanese Black Hog) is hands down the best pork I’ve… Continue Reading “Kurobuta Loin Chop Grilled Cheese”

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