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Chocolate Strawberry Shortcake

Yesterday was Memorial Day. Evidently there’s a bit of controversy about it on the internet because some people get angry when people tell each other, “Happy Memorial Day!” I guess some people don’t feel it’s appropriate to express happiness for their freedom. I for… Continue Reading “Chocolate Strawberry Shortcake”

Angel Food Baby Bundt Cakes

I set out on an angel food cake adventure yesterday. This one had so much hope. I used sweet potato flour and arrowroot. But then…..this happened. It crumpled up like one of those kitchen apple grandma’s as it cooled. It was dense and rubbery, and… Continue Reading “Angel Food Baby Bundt Cakes”

Thanksgiving Afterglow

Ahhh…nothing quite like the holiday afterglow. The past week has been an absolute whirlwind. All of the photos in this post are courtesy of my phone…so bear with me, I think it’s been dropped 100 too many times. The dogs are basking in the… Continue Reading “Thanksgiving Afterglow”

A Walk In The Park & Chocolate Pots De Creme

How was your weekend? Hopefully it was filled with fun and relaxation. We originally had plans for company but had to cancel because I’ve been feeling under the weather. I couldn’t muster the energy to entertain a house full of people. Typically unlike me… Continue Reading “A Walk In The Park & Chocolate Pots De Creme”

Saturday Night Special – Hors d’ oeuvre & Cocktail Night

We’ve dubbed Saturday nights our hors d’ oeuvre & cocktail night. I make fun little meals that can be enjoyed in the backyard with our feet up.  We’ve worked hard to make our backyard our little sanctuary and once the nice weather arrives, we… Continue Reading “Saturday Night Special – Hors d’ oeuvre & Cocktail Night”