Orange & Sea Salt Chocolates

Orange & Sea Salt Chocolates

16 oz. Dairy Free Semi-Sweet Chocolate (I use Baker’s, you can also use a high quality dark chocolate 70% or so)

2 teaspoons Pure Orange Extract

Sea Salt

Chocolate Molds

Lay out the chocolate molds and sprinkle 2-3 pieces of sea salt in each one.

Melt chocolate on medium low in a double boiler or heat water in 1/3 of a medium pan and place a glass bowl on top of the pan. Once chocolate is melted, leave on the heat and quickly stir in the extract, 1 teaspoon at a time stirring constantly. It will look like it is starting to seize a bit on the sides, continue to stir constantly and quickly and it will come back together.

Spoon chocolate (it will be hot!) into a piping bag fitted with a thin tip and pipe chocolate into molds, do not overfill. Tap each mold sheet lightly on the counter once it is filled to settle the chocolate.

Allow to set up completely before removing. (I set mine outside on our deck for 20 minutes.)

The salt will leave little divots in the chocolate, but don’t worry about it, it adds character and as soon as people taste them they won’t be thinking about what they look like.

I used the leftover chocolate to make decorative hearts for my Clementine Buttercream Cupcakes by piping chocolate hearts onto waxed paper.

10 Comments on “Orange & Sea Salt Chocolates

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  2. You have an amazing blog. I am gluten free but do not post that many baking recipes. Your clementine cupcake frosting was too good to be to dairy free and these chocolate hearts are really cute.
    Come by when ever you get time to check on my site as I cook and bake from scratch.


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    • Thank you, I did have a very nice Valentine’s Day! I hope yours was nice too. There is something about chocolate and sea salt that just can’t be beat. 🙂


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