December ~ The Fastest Month of The Year

I hope your holiday season was all you wished it would be and that you were able to spend it with the people you love. It just seems to speed right by, doesn’t it? Ours went by in a blink.

It was a month mixed full of all kinds of busy and crazy. You may remember the “tree issue”.


Once that was under control Tony and I ended up under the weather for two weeks.


 He’s working in hospitals now and I think he’s bringing home all kinds of germs we’re not used to.

I’ve stocked him up on all natural Thieve’s essential oil spray, lozenges, and hand sanitizers in hopes that he’ll kill all the bad germs before he gets in his car to come home. When sick germs come in, I end up with a Lyme flare up and it’s a big hassle because it lingers much longer than a normal cold or flu and the symptoms are highly unpleasant.


(photo courtesy of Essential Wellness)

Thankfully, about 3 days before Christmas I was up and out of bed and able to catch up. I even managed to finally make a decent batch of coconut milk yogurt! Two in fact. One plain and one with vanilla bean.


I also worked on a few more home made body products to add to my mom’s gift basket.


(Sugar, sea salt, jojoba oil, lemon essential oil, and turmeric)


(Avocado oil and coconut oil)


(Hand scrub with epsom salt, coconut sugar, peppermint and lemon essential oils, and olive oil)

hand scrub

Even after being ill for a couple of weeks Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and the day after Christmas turned out to be very relaxing and  a lot of fun.

Christmas Eve Brandon had to work so we picked my mom up and looked at all of the Christmas lights around town. People can get so creative.

This is my friend Julie’s house. Just gorgeous inside and out!


(photo courtesy of Julie Chattin Taylor)

This tree was a sight to see. Not a branch without a light.


(photo courtesy of Julie Chattin Taylor)

I set aside the guilt and stress of not having the time to bake all of my traditional cookies and candies after my husband said, “Just relax and do what you can. Forget the rest.” Relax? What’s that? I hate to see traditions fall by the wayside. It was a challenge but once I embraced it, it was full steam ahead.


I made two types of candy only. Peppermint Bark and my Powerhouse Candy Bars. Easy peasy.

Christmas morning we didn’t start the festivities until 11:00 and enjoyed a nice brunch before opening packages.




It was such an enjoyable, relaxing day. Brandon and Josh have been best friends since the 3rd grade. We were happy he was able to spend some of Christmas day with us in between his family stops.








Santa is always very generous with the stocking stuffers. There’s always overflow so he leaves the rest in gift bags on the floor.


We kept the gifts under the well-behaved tree.


This is Brandon multi tasking. On his phone with AT&T setting up my new phone while opening a gift.


It took us 3 hours to open gifts in between chatting and fiddling around with already opened gifts. It was nice not to have to rush or hurry. Christmas day and time with family and friends should be savored!


Once gifts were opened and things were organized, we couldn’t believe we were ready to eat again. Somehow the holidays allow for bigger stomachs.


Early evening brought a delicious Korobuta ham, roasted asparagus, steamed potatoes (because I forgot to roast them) with ham gravy, kale salad, and a cauliflower and broccoli gratin. There’s also supposed to be a beautiful home made cranberry sauce…but that was forgotten in the fridge.


The forgotten sauce… with cranberries, coconut sugar, orange juice, cinnamon, and clove.


We fell into bed with satisfied tummies thankful for the love of family and friends and incredibly thankful for the blessing of being back home near our son.

Morning brought a quick house clean up, Tony hiked the dogs and we prepared for another wave of guests. Brandon was on call for work so came back and forth to visit when he could.



Somehow we managed to eat even more food. We had a great time visiting with Tony’s sister and her family and Tony’s mom.

Yesterday we lounged and enjoyed the quiet day. Brandon came over to help us with some technology stuff. We’d be living in the technological dark ages without him. And then we headed out into the snow with the dogs for a refreshing walk.

Today Tony and Brandon are skiing as we have finally had our first real snowfall.


(photo courtesy of Brandon Policani)


(photo courtesy of Brandon Policani)

As for me…well. It’s 11:30 AM and I’m still roaming around in my pajamas. Going to do a little this and a little that and get the small list together I make every year for my New Year’s Resolutions. Do you do that? I love it. I love new beginnings and fresh starts and things to look forward to. Plus, I think it’s good for us to do an inventory of the previous year and see if there’s anything we’d like to add or tweak or purge.

One thing we’re really looking forward to is the big gift we bought ourselves for Christmas.


A therapeutic hot tub. It will be installed Friday morning. 60 jets, seats that massage the back of your thighs, reflexology foot jets…you name it, it’s got it and I cannot wait to lounge in it and watch the stars and soak up all of that fresh night air.

Happy Holidays from Tony and I and may the New Year bring an abundance of health and God’s blessings to you and your loved ones.


6 Comments on “December ~ The Fastest Month of The Year

  1. Looks like a lovely Christmas was had by all despite some illness. All those homemade potions sound wonderful. Cheers to a great New Year!


  2. Great post, April, and it’s so lovely to see how you celebrated. Your home looks gorgeous and I love those snowman plates you used. So sorry to hear you weren’t well in the lead-up to Christmas. I remember when I first started nursing I seemed to get so many bugs! What a great Christmas present to yourselves! I can see a lot of therapeutic relaxing going on! xx


    • Thanks Charlie! Still some relaxing going on but certainly feeling better than before Christmas thank goodness. Hot tub is in as of last night, so we should be relaxing in it by this evening! 🙂 Happy New Year to you and your family xoxo ~ April


  3. The only New Year’s Resolution I ever stuck to was to NEVER make another one. Instead I make a mental list of what I accomplished in the 365 days prior. I try and see every moment as the perfect opportunity to start something, stop something or work towards something. I think it comes with age and the experiences we have had of having to care for and bury our grandparents and parents. There is just not a moment to waste! Now is the time! I do enjoy looking back on those moments or triumph, accomplishment and take a mental stock. There is a palpable feeling of possibility on Jan 1st that I look forward to embracing though. I love reading your blog and love your insight on everything from health, DIY and home décor. Happy New Year April to you and the family!

    PS You are also an amazing photographer and the quality and arrangement of you photos are never missed on me.


  4. Hi Sandi,

    This year I chose two words to pray about and focus on. Peace & Health. I also wrote down a few other things I’d like to pay more attention to. Always a positive focus, of course. Thank you for your sweet comments! Happy New Year! xoxo ~April


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