Week In Review

Monday is here again!

I hope last week went well and your weekend was peaceful, fruitful, and relaxing…as all weekends should be!

A hike in the hills behind our house.
A hike in the hills behind our house.

Our week was a bit hectic with this’s and that’s, Tony traveling here and there for interviews, and a couple of days of us both feeling under the weather. But we still managed to make the most of it.

Friday night we had breakfast for dinner...because bacon is fabulous any time of day.
Friday night we had breakfast for dinner…because bacon is fabulous any time of day.

We had a lovely, relaxing weekend.

Sunday morning breakfast.
Sunday morning breakfast. Sausage and egg scramble with spinach and tomatoes.
Buckwheat Bake.
Buckwheat Bake.
Sunday night's dinner grill.
Saturday night’s dinner grill. Grilled veggies with chicken & spinach sausages.
Mornings are getting chilly.
Abigail thinks the mornings are too chilly.

We got some fantastic Monday morning news.

 My husband has accepted an offer with a company and is now once again, employed!

Sunday night's dinner theme, "Go big or go home."
Sunday night’s dinner theme, “Go big or go home.”

It’s been a mixed blessing having Tony out of a job. You may think I’m crazy for thinking being unemployed has been a blessing.

There’s been oodles of stress of course, as we’ve been through so much change over the past three years. But on the other hand, its been an amazing experience to be given the opportunity to step off the merry-go-round and make some important decisions about what we want our lives to look like from here forward. I ran across this quote and I loved it. Because I will tell you with certainty, that no matter what kind of struggles you face, life is packed full of all kinds of blessings all day, every day.


Tony typically travels for work, so with him home, we’ve been able to spend and incredible amount of quality time together. It has been fabulous!

There''s a big rock in the hills behind our property that he has dubbed "smoking rock". Gorgeous views.
There’s a big rock in the hills behind our property that he’s dubbed the “smoking rock”.

The biggest blessing to come out of this crazy life we’ve had for the last couple of years?

The view of our neighborhood from "smoking rock". The neighbors probably think we are looney tunes.
The view of our neighborhood from the “smoking rock”.


The Free Dictionary calls it, “a period at one’s disposal”. And let me tell you, it’s been heavenly.


They say you can never have more of it, but I disagree.

You have to learn to live in the moment and appreciate that experience. That’s the key to making the most of the time we’re given. Just by focusing on the moment, you create the feeling and enjoyment of more time.


So we’ve been focused on soaking up the moments, whatever that may bring.


Our leap of faith to make changes in our life has come back to us tenfold. Being able to focus on what is important makes for a richer, deeper, more incredible life experience. Has it been easy to make a whole heap of life changing decisions? Of course not. Life is not unicorns and rainbows, I don’t need to tell you that!

But, it has been so unbelievably rewarding in so many ways, I wouldn’t trade the stress or uncertainty for anything.

Catching up and visiting with friends.
Catching up and visiting with friends.

Soon we’ll have to get back into the swing of things and learn to manage our time differently again with Tony going back to work. But we’ll take these life lessons we’ve learned over the years and apply them for a more fruitful experience. That’s what so much of life is about. Learning. Learning to tweak and mold and fight for what you want so that you can experience the absolute best of what you’ve been given.

I’m certainly no expert on life, but if I had to give one piece of advice it would be this:

No matter what, take that leap of faith.

My two favorite men in the entire world.
My two favorite men in the entire world.

We’re looking forward to what the next chapter will bring!

Many blessings to you in the week ahead.

~ April


3 Comments on “Week In Review

  1. Congratulations to Tony on his new position. I love your attitude to life – it’s so true that no matter what we’re going through, there are always blessings and we’re always being looked after from above. I’m glad you’ve had a great time with Tony during his weeks of unemployment. I love the photo of Abigail! xx


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