Be Aware of Lyme Disease ~ Part III

This is the third installment of my series, “Be Aware of Lyme Disease”. In Part I we learned about what Lyme Disease is and its many symptoms, including mine.


In Part II we discussed testing for Lyme Disease and the differences between the CDC, Lyme Literate doctors, and non-literate physicians.


Part III is a gathering of all the research I’ve done on Lyme Disease, diagnosis, treatment, etc. There’s conventional information as well as natural treatments and non-conventional ideas, information, and discoveries. I’ve tried to categorize them as much as possible…it’s an overwhelming list of information, I know.

My goal is to save you a bit of research time if you need, or someone you know needs to educate themselves on Lyme Disease and all that goes with that very unsettling diagnosis. Don’t just rely on your family physician and the CDC to make testing and treatment decisions for you. The treatments and thought process behind this bacterial infection vary greatly and finding the right doctor will make all the difference for you.

What Is It, What Are The Symptoms Could You Have Lyme Disease? ~ Signs & Symptoms ~ More Research ~ Tick Identification ~ The Lyme Disease Bacteria ~ New Numbers on Lyme Disease ~ The Unknown Epidemic ~ Stages of Lyme Disease ~ Neurological Complications ~ The Complexities of Lyme Disease ~ The Great Imitator ~ CDC Lyme Disease Transmission Psychological Effects of Lyme Disease  Dr. Alan MacDonald,The Biology of Lyme Disease Part 1 – video  Dr. Alan MacDonald, Part 2 Dr. Alan MacDonald, Part 3

Lyme Disease Tests, They’re Not Created Equal ~ A Complete Guide To Testing ~ The Lyme Invisibility Cloak ~ How Lyme Hides ~ Western Blot Test ~ ELISA Test ~ A New Affordable Lyme Disease DNA Test ~ Reasons For False Negative Test Results Advanced Laboratory Services ~ IGeneX ~ Lyme Disease Co-Infection List Have You Been Tested For Co-Infections?

Treatment How To Find A Lyme Literate Doctor Find A Medical Professional ~ Lyme Literate Doctor Referral System ~Step By Step Treatment Plan by Two LL Docs Treatment Guidlines ILADS ~ Lyme & Women’s Hormones IDSA Guidelines for Lyme Disease Treatment Detox Symptoms/Herxing

Legislation, News, and Things To Think About ~ The Epidemic ~ Research Act 2013 ~ The Silent Epidemic ~ Aids and Lyme Disease ~ An Emerging Epidemic News & Views in The Battle Against Lyme Disease ~ Raising Awareness ~ Deaths Tied To Lyme Disease A Link Between Lyme Disease & Autism The Connection Between Autism & Lyme Disease Lyme Disease Cases per 100,000 Population By State ~ CDC Statistics ~ A New Tick Virus Discovered CDC Heartland Virus Lyme Disease Association

Late Stage Lyme Disease – Neurological Complications ~ When Lyme Disease Lasts & Lasts ~ Late Stage Treatment Possible Complications of Late Stage Lyme Disease

 Personal Experience with Lyme Disease ~ The Eight Year Mystery Illness ~ A Mom’s Struggle ~ All Kinds of Information ~ Personal Stories ~ 2 Years of Hell ~ The Fight Against Lyme Disease ~ A Very Complicated Illness In The Lyme Fight ~ Living With Lyme Disease

Foods, Natural Remedies, To Help with Lyme Symptoms ~ Coconut Oil ~ Essential Oil Protocol Hormones & Coiling Lyme Disease & Essential Oils ~ Treating Lyme Disease Naturally ~ Natural Help Varying Types of Treatment

10 Comments on “Be Aware of Lyme Disease ~ Part III

  1. That’s a lot of research. Well done. I’m sorry to hear some of your symptoms have come back; that’s not good. Good luck with your test results xx


  2. I’ll echo Charlie. I had hoped you’d be clear of it by now. You’ve performed a valuable service here, placing so many links in one location. Those looking for answers will thank you, I’m sure. I hope these latest DNA test results are all positive.


    • Lyme Disease is such a complicated thing. And irritating to say the least! You can have symptoms up to 6 months after you’ve been treated, and if you have late stage LD, it’s much more complicated. We’re going to do more testing to see if we can really pinpoint where I’m at. 🙂


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