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Good morning!


What did you have for breakfast? I’m always curious about what kinds of foods people start their days off with. I prefer dinner leftovers, but since I put the remainder of the lasagna I made in the freezer, I had to settle with oatmeal.

Oatmeal is not my favorite by any means. A favorite breakfast would consist of a slice of cherry pie, or a big slice of chocolate cake, or even leftover spaghetti and garlic bread. Now that’s a breakfast. I did have dried cherries in my oatmeal though. Not that dried cherries even come close to pretending I’m eating cherry pie for breakfast. I also added dates, pecans, almond milk, and a Tablespoon of coconut oil…in case you were wondering. My teacup has organic green tea and a nice sized dollop of Manuka honey.

Also, what do you do while eating breakfast? Read the paper, a book, watch the news, sit in silence, chat with your family, eat standing up and multi-task, or maybe you don’t eat breakfast at all? If Tony is out of town I usually read my book or check email, FB, and Pinterest. If he’s here, we chat with each other about current events, what he’s read in the local paper, life in general.


Today is cleaning day, but I spent most of yesterday organizing some of our closets. This house has an abundance of closets and we seem to have filled all of them to the brim…and not in an organized fashion. I was so excited when we moved out of the other house because I felt like we really got rid of a lot of “stuff”.  So how could we possibly fill 8 closets to the brim?

There’s only two of us in this house. This is only 3 of 8 closets.

Here are several before pictures.

Now don’t judge.



So I tackled them. One by one, went through everything and managed 3 bags for Goodwill and even had to throw away a few expired food items. We recently switched to all natural laundry supplies and cleaners, so I managed to get rid of a large bag of cleaners and an impressive amount of laundry detergent, fabric softener, and dryer sheets to a young neighbor.


By the way, that floor steamer/cleaner you see in there? LOVE it. Cannot say enough good things about it and it makes my life so much easier.  Works on tile, wood, and I believe it also works on Pergo. You can see it here. We found it on sale at Bed Bath & Beyond and saved $30. It is worth every penny. We have a lot of tile and wood floors and it has cut my cleaning time by over an hour!


I found the idea for using these shoe holders as extra storage and organization on Pinterest. They do work well for that, but after having them clank around every time we open the closet doors, I’ve had enough. We’ll have to utilize them for other things.


For a house with a gazillion closets…the coat closet is tiny. We had to install a second rod under the upper one to store the winter coats. There’s lot’s of “weather” in New Hampshire. The extra rod doesn’t do much for a tidy look though.


And here are the after pictures.

Now, when I open each one of the doors, there’s no need for groaning and dreaded disorganization.



In fact, several times last night, I went over and opened each closet door and peered in, just so I could actually experience the effects of “tidy environment, peaceful mind”.



And I’m not going to lie.


It felt good, really good. 

Even if it did take me all day and I didn’t make it out of my pajamas until I crawled into bed with a fresh pair.

4 Comments on “Everything In Its Place ~ My Corner Of The World

  1. I too prefer dinner left-overs for breakfast. Pie is just one giant breakfast pastry if you ask me as well as the best 3am “bad” one can do! I will confess, somehow my closets are unusually spiffy. A perk of OCD I guess. Everything looks great April. I am inspired! There is one room in my 7 bedroom home, of which only 2 are currently occupied, that is a dumping ground. Its awful. We keep the door shut. I would love to be able to open that door again! Thanks for the inspiration as always!


    • My craft room is like that. All of my crafting stuff is organized but it has also become a storage room for odds and ends. I’m going to tackle that next week! Thanks for stopping by and saying hello! 🙂


  2. I like your ideas and your drive to organize! You lucky one, you, with all those closets. Our new place is just the opposite so organization ideas are so very important to make use of every square inch. Thanks for sharing!


    • Thanks Karen! I can’t stand not being organized…which is why the state of my closets is kind of surprising. LOL But, I guess you can’t have everything in place ALL of the time. It sure feels good to open those doors now. 🙂

      We tried to downsize to a much smaller house when we moved here but couldn’t find one! I think I may need that next time. At least it would force us to get rid of unnecessary items. Yes…that’s what the problem is. I have too many closets! 😉 ~ April


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