A Very Merry Christmas

I have such good news!

And I’m not even going to save the best for last.


We are going home for Christmas!


Now don’t get me wrong, we love New Hampshire.


But home for me is where my mom and Brandon are.

(Not there of course, that is our shed.)


So, we are packing up the dogs and driving 2,701 wintry miles home for Christmas.


Spending time with my mom and our son, hugging him repeatedly and just being together…sounds like just about the perfect Christmas to me!


Going home for Christmas makes me extremely happy, but there’s even more good news. I am now being treated for Lyme Disease.

It might seem kind of weird that I’m excited about this.


Of course, Lyme Disease itself is not good news but the treatment of it can be.

So the goal is to feel better after 21 days on the antibiotic my doctor gave me. The results are kind of sketchy depending on how quickly you catch the infection. If it’s a new infection, then the antibiotic should handle it.

(This is our 11 ft Charlie Brown tree.)


If it’s an infection from the past that we didn’t know about and I’m having a flare up, that can be a challenge to deal with. If I’m still ill at the end of the 21 days, then there will be other tests for other things as well.

But we aren’t dwelling on that right now.


Each day is different as far as how I feel, so I’m learning to take each one as it comes.


And although I have irritating symptoms and my body feels like that of an old lady on most days, I count any progress that I feel, as a major step in the right direction. If I’m not having a progressive day, then I think of it as just being in a holding pattern… there’s no going backward!


 The past 8 weeks have been a lesson in patience and rest. I’m learning that baby steps are OK.

 And going home to see your mommy when you don’t feel well is a Christmas blessing to look forward to.


So in case we don’t chat over the next couple of weeks, I’d like to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a New Year full to the brim of blessings, a heart full of happiness, and a healthy body and mind.

See you soon!

~ April


21 Comments on “A Very Merry Christmas

  1. So happy for you…home for Christmas and a possible solution for your health problems. I’m praying that you have safe travels and a very healthy New Year! Thank you for the recent posts for holiday baking….I put mamas flour blend and cook books on my wish list and I’m pretty sure I will be baking up a storm in the near future 😄 Merry Christmas friend!


  2. What a sweet post! You have my prayers for healing and a very, very happy Christmas at home with your family!! Time with them should go a long way toward giving your immune system and spirits a much needed boost. I’m using several of your recipes for my own holiday celebration … much appreciation for all you do for the gluten free community.


    • Thank you so much, Lauren, and thank you for the prayers. I certainly could use them! And I know you’re right, going home is just what the doctor ordered! Let me know how all of the recipes worked out for you. 🙂


  3. I’m so happy you are now being treated and I hope the treatment is successful. How lovely to be going home for Christmas – so much better than spending it on your own! But that is quite some drive! Good luck with the winter roads. I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and may every blessing of the season be yours xx


  4. How wonderful that you’ll be home with your family for Christmas! I bet your Son and Mom were thrilled to hear the news. It really is good news, too, to learn that there’s a name and treatment for what’s been making you feel unwell. I hope you’ll have even better news in 21 days. I hope you and yours have a wonderful Christmas, April, and every happiness in the New Year. Safe travels.


  5. April, I’m sending you so many wonderful blessings for HEALTH (I didn’t know) a safe journey there and back again, Christmas, and the New Year! xo


  6. Can you please help me, I am new to the GF world and I want to make our family cookies for Santa.

    When it calls for Flour do I just sub with almond flour and I am confused about the xantham gum usesage?

    Thanks in advance, Aly


    • Hi Aly! I have found that a good gluten free flour mixture works the best. If by almond flour, you mean pure ground almonds made into flour, then I would do a little experimenting first. I love the all purpose Mama’s almond flour for baking cookies, but it has other flour and starches in it as well. If you live in a city with good grocery stores, you should be able to find a couple of different gluten free flour mixes to try.

      I have found that xanthan gum (kind of acts as a gluten substitute) is needed for most gluten free baking. You can find that in most larger grocery stores as well.

      Hope this was helpful!


  7. This is such good news, it is always so worrying to not have a diagnoses! Now you’ll be treated and I’m sure you’ll be good as gold! What an exciting road trip!! I have seen a few photos on Facebook so I know you’re having the best Christmas ever!! Hugs!! xx


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