Fail! Organic Black Bean Pasta


I ran across this pasta in the co-op the other day and was intrigued by its color. The black bean aspect intrigued me too, but black pasta?



I had no idea how it would turn out, but I had my heart set on pesto and that oh so good salty sheep’s  Pecorino Romano I bought the other day. I had a beautiful picture in my head of what it would look like on the plate, drizzled with a lovely extra virgin olive oil. The contrast of the pesto and cheese with the black noodles….the drizzles of olive oil around the dish….ahhhh.

I should have taken note of the picture on the front of the bag.

 My pairings were totally wrong for these noodles and the photos turned out nothing like I had created in my mind.  It’s probably a better noodle for soup and Asian cuisine. It reminded me very much of the texture of Top Ramen noodles. Except more earthy flavored and almost the same color as something you might find slithering around in the soil in your garden.

Mmmmm appetizing!


There are probably a lot of people out there looking at food blogs who don’t blog themselves who have never considered how many fails it takes to create great recipes. With Pinterest right at the tip of everyone’s fingers, it’s clear to see after a short look-see, food can be ART and they make it all look so easy.  And don’t get me wrong, I love looking at beautiful food just as much as the next person, maybe more!

But, it’s also nice to see the struggles and the not so artsy every now and then. Because realistically, all of us are not sitting down to a three course meal worthy of a gallery wall every night.


It’s easy to just call it a loss and only post the fantastic and beautiful recipes. I mean, you would never know!

But I’m here help you learn and to help you love being allergen free, not fib about how easy it is. This is only just one of many, many, of my recipe “fails”. It can be frustrating (and expensive) but if you look at it on the positive side, they really aren’t fails if you’re figuring out how to use new products and experience new things. And one oops out of about 10 YAY’S!! really isn’t a fail, it’s just a good try.

So here it is in all of its ugly and very unsavory glory!


Better luck next time.

9 Comments on “Fail! Organic Black Bean Pasta

  1. Oh yes .. sometimes though i think our failures can be so much more interesting, ONCE! have a lovely day April.. c


  2. Haha! You were brave to try something new, but it does look like some sort of Halloween dish with just the pesto on it. Now that I think of it, I can’t think of any other dish/product that is gray and for good reason. Thanks for the “heads up!” I recently noticed black rice at the store. Have you tried that? I wonder if it looks gray when cooked too?


  3. It can take so many fails before you hit a real success. I’ve made exploding pastry, eaten HORRIBLE “zero cal, gluten free, carb free” and taste free noodles, and even some pasta that stank of old seaweed in my quest to create delicious gluten free foods. Whenever I think I’m alone in this I take a quick look at Pinstrosity and reassure myself it happens to us all!


  4. Hi April! But were they good at least? 😉 They don’t look that bad. It is always good to see I’m not the only one struggling to make beautiful dishes to post on the blog…
    Just today I thought about you, I saw at the supermarket lentils chips. They looked very good, but the price was way to high for just a tasting 😉
    Better look next time!


  5. I can so identify, April. I figure if one doesn’t fail, they’re not trying hard enough. I surely would have bought these noodles had I seen them. I still might once soup season arrives — just won’t serve ’em with pesto. In that sense, your recipe was a success for all of us. 🙂


  6. I love that someone can admit a fail. That noodle does not look appetizing at all. But Like you, I would have given this a try. Thanks for the post.


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