Am I Ready For Fall?

As I type this blog post, I’m wearing flannel pajama bottoms, a nightgown, and a sweatshirt. It was 54 degrees when we rolled out of bed at 6:00 this morning. It’s already turning into tea and fireplace mornings!


Two small red potatoes, olive oil, 1/2 of a small sweet onion, kosher salt, pepper.

Rewind to two weeks ago when it was 94 degrees and 98% humidity for several days in a row, my answer would have been a resounding, “YES! I AM ready for Fall!”.  It was the type of weather that no matter how little clothing you were wearing, you felt like you were standing in a steam room…with a campfire. Even the central air conditioner couldn’t get a handle on the humidity. Have you ever tried vacuuming carpet when it’s extremely humid? It’s a major workout. The tile and wood floors are also sticky and damp and if you plan on keeping anything you cook or bake crisp…forget it.


Fast forward to today.

 The dogs are completely covered in blankets.





I’m warming my hands with a hot cup of tea so I can type.


 And it’s only the beginning of August.

It’s true that you should be very careful what you wish for.

Soon, Mount Monadnock will be covered in color. New England in Fall…Now THAT, I’m looking forward to!


How is your weekend going? I hope you’ve had a chance to get a bit of relaxation in. My husband is off to Massachusetts for a motorcycle ride this morning, so it’s breakfast for one.


Organic breakfast for one. New potatoes, sweet onion, egg over easy, sliced strawberries, & Maine wild blueberries.

We tried a new restaurant last night and I went to bed with a horribly sick stomach and woke up with stiff joints, cement neck, and a lovely headache. They had a very nice menu filled with pasta and seafood but everything was swimming in dairy and piled on gluten. I had to settle on a bunless hamburger of all things! I’m always upfront with the wait staff right from the beginning that I’m allergic to gluten and dairy and they are usually very helpful. But, even in the best circumstances, which this was not, things “happen”. The waitress brought the burger with potato chips and then went into a huge panic saying, “WAIT! You can’t have potato chips……can you?” I told her that was fine but I had actually ordered the fries. So she brought me the fries and after taking one look at them I could clearly see they had been dredged in flour.  At this point I was thinking that we were probably by far her most annoying customers of the day.

Tony said, “Who cares if they’re annoyed? They’ve already delivered our food, they can’t spit in it now.” Way to set the bar high, honey. Ha! The fact that he even thought that was the type of restaurant we were in, made me wonder even more about my measly burger laying on a piece of wilted lettuce.

So she returned, eventually.  I asked her kindly if she wouldn’t mind asking the chef if the fries had been dredged in flour before frying. She came whipping back into the room (which was luckily empty except for Tony and I) saying in a loud voice,  “Don’t eat them! You didn’t eat any did you? Do we need to call for EMS?!” Which I’m assuming was her way of asking if I needed an ambulance.

Just shoot me. Gawd, the drama of it all. 

Remember in one of my earlier posts when I told you I absolutely dread bringing attention to myself at restaurants and having to tell people who invite us to dinner that I have food allergies? The only thing that saved me from walking out was the second glass of wine I was sipping. Which probably also gave me just enough wine fog to ignore the warnings going off in my head about the supposedly “safe” hamburger I was about to eat.

There’s still a bright side to my evening though.  We met and visited with some neighbors down the street who were very nice and our own age. They also have a very sweet and well-mannered 13 year old daughter, Hannah. We think Hannah will make a very kind dog babysitter. AND Hannah and I saved a baby bird from certain death and were able to return it to its nest.

Now, I’m off to enjoy the remainder of the weekend and I hope you do too! ~ April

5 Comments on “Am I Ready For Fall?

  1. Your breakfast looks very good. That’s a shame about the restaurant. I have some things I can’t eat and I also hate a big fuss being made – it’s so embarrassing. I haven’t heard of anyone covering fries in flour though – why wouldn’t you just make them the normal way? xx


  2. Now that was a mighty fine breakfast you made for yourself, April. Sorry to read of your troubles in the restaurant. A little education for the wait staffs would go a long way. A pamphlet would work wonders.
    I’ve quit experimenting with a GF ravioli for my cousin because she has become increasingly sensitive to gluten, I would have to buy all new kitchen equipment for her because all of mine has been used with regular flour. That’s just too expensive for me to do. I keep searching for a good recipe, though, Once found, I’ll go out to her place and we’ll spend the afternoon making GF ravioli. 🙂


  3. April, I really hate it that I know exactly what you are describing here. From your treatment at the restaurant to the way you felt the next morning! SAD. It is hard to go out and eat around here too, hence we don’t do it often.

    Thankfully, with blogging friends like you, we can eat better, and more safely at home! Loved your breakfast!


    • Yes, it can be a real bummer. On the positive side, the east coast is MUCH more allergen savvy than the west coast. In my area there are numerous restaurants with gluten free choices. Trying a new one can be sketchy though and always makes me a bit nervous. We tried a very nice restaurant that’s affiliated with the Yankee Candle Store (the world headquarters here in NH) the other day. The waiter was WONDERFUL! He made suggestions to me, knew exactly what I was talking about and even investigated the salad dressings without me asking and brought one to me that I could eat. I wanted to hug him. Then the very next day, we tried another restaurant in Peterborough and the waitress’s best friend is dairy and gluten free. She knew exactly what I couldn’t have. Two meals out and I felt great the next day after each one. Luckily, the bad ones are few and far between! 🙂


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