My Corner Of The World ~ Is It Spring Yet?

Good news!

I spotted the first Robin of the season this morning. I’m hoping that means spring is on its way.


However…a couple of days ago, we had six more inches of snow added to the foot and a half that was still on the ground from the last storm.


Storms on the east coast are pretty wild. They come in hard and windy and very fast. So far, we’ve been very lucky not to lose power.

I’ve been told our weather is a bit more extreme because we’re so close to Mount Monadnock. It’s not unusual to have very heavy snowfall, rain, ice, wind, and bright sun, all in one day.


Since we moved here in December, we’ve seen several storms, one of which was a little unnerving. Now they say to be prepared for another one that will hit sometime probably in the middle of the night tonight with heavy snow and ice.  The heavy part is what causes problems, so we’ll just pray that it doesn’t cause any power issues because Tony is out of town…of course. Throughout a 24 hour period we could get 11 inches of new snow. I have yet to learn how to use the snow blower. For some reason it’s obnoxious noise and smell irritate me, and I also think somewhat chauvinistically…that snow blowing is a man’s job. But, I may be singing a different tune if I’m outside shoveling our very long driveway in 11 inches of snow tomorrow.

This is what all of our windows looked like after Winter Storm Nemo.


Does that look like spring is near to you?

Luckily it’s gorgeous when it’s falling out of the sky and blanketing the trees. The sun is never far behind, thankfully. We get a lot more winter sun here than we did in Washington.



And I always have the birds and of course the dogs to keep me company if I’m stuck here for a day or two.

Abigail says hello.


Mourning Dove couples.


Treats for everyone, and so far they all share nicely.



The internet told me that Blue Jays enjoy oranges and apples so I put a few out this morning. So far they haven’t been touched. That will be a no-no when bear season arrives.


In between storms Tony showed me a gorgeous area where I can finally get out and walk the dogs. It’s just around the corner from our house. There are snow mobile trails and snow mobile riders all over around here. They are amazingly courteous and always slow down for the dogs, give us a wave, and Tony said they have even stopped to chat with him on occasion.


It was definitely a beautiful walk. Once the weather calms down we can even walk a couple of miles through the trees to a beautiful pond. But for now, if I go by myself with the dogs, I’m sticking to the well used path. Wouldn’t want to get myself lost out there and run into a bear that decided to wake up early!

Me: “Makes you wonder if these are edible.”

Tony: “Try one and see.”

Me: “Ha! Very funny, you first.”


These looked like pussy willows in seed to me, but I don’t think they are. They are very tall, probably taller than my 64 inches.


Can’t believe this made it through Winter Storm Nemo. The wind was incredible. Very crafty birds here on the east coast evidently.


We spotted this on a drive the other day.

More ice pond crazies.

Not only do they drive little houses on it, and fish on it…they also snow blow it.

Tony tried to get me to walk on it.

“No thank you.”


One last Blue Jay for you before I go. Have a wonderful evening! ~ April


12 Comments on “My Corner Of The World ~ Is It Spring Yet?

  1. BEARS!! with a season!? yikes.. gorgeous shots april, oh how I wish we had some of your snow, we may have got about 2 inches of slush today though so i will not complain.. spring will come, but i wonder when it will come for you.. not too long now i hope.. c


    • Yes, evidently they wake up sometime in early April. I’ve read that NH has a bit of a “bear problem”. I’m not sure what that means, but it would be nice if they didn’t come to my house for a visit. Someone at the local grocery store told me it’s not unusual for them to walk right up on your deck!


      • Do they hurt people and pets or do they just go through your compost heap and garbage bins.. i cannot imagine it.. c


      • I haven’t heard that they’ve hurt anyone in their own yards, I suppose hiking is a different story. I think the bears that come into populated areas are interested in bird feeders and garbage. That would be quite the photograph, wouldn’t it? A bear standing at my slider? 😉


  2. Beautiful post, April. You do live in a gorgeous part of the country. It reminds me of Northern Michigan. Good to see a robin. I don’t know if you’re supposed to see them before or after us but it really doesn’t matter. So long as one of us sees one, the other will see one, too, soon enough. 🙂
    I hope you weather the storm without any problems.


  3. It’s so beautiful. I sure would love to come for a visit. I’ve never experienced that kind of beauty. I can imagine you must be tired of the cold by now and longing for spring. I’m sure that gorgeous robin is a sign things are about to turn xx


    • It is gorgeous. Luckily we don’t live in the middle of a big city or winter would really be a mess. Our cold weather months are long, usually about 6 months with only maybe a month of very hot weather. I prefer the hot weather. Oh well, maybe we’ll retire somewhere with a beach and gorgeous year round weather!


  4. Hi April, my name is Kathy and I found your blog through your husband. He had a meeting scheduled with my boss here in good ole Philadelphia at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital. I to am gluten intolerant, wheat intolerant, sugar intolerant and the list goes on. I’ve been looking up your recipes but haven’t had a chance to make any yet. Too busy with work, church, grandkids. I loved reading this post and the pictures, wow but being on the East Coast myself I know all about the snow, wind, rain and ice so I am glad its you and not me. However they were lovely especially Abigail. Ok stay warm and safe. May the Lord bless you and keep you!


    • Hi Kathy! Tony told me that he had given you my blog address. I’m so happy you had a chance to stop by.

      Isn’t it interesting how once we find out that we’re intolerant to one food, the list seems to grow? I originally started with a dairy allergy. I kept a food diary for a year and a half and that’s how I started to realize I was also allergic to gluten. Corn can bother me too if I have it too often.

      Luckily, people are becoming more educated where food allergens are concerned, and there is a growing number of alternatives to sugar, eggs, and other allergy causing foods and additives. I hope you can find something here to tweak and suit your needs.

      It was nice “meeting” you and thank you so much for taking time to say hello! Blessings to you ~ April


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