Breakfast Parfait, An Embarrassing Moment, & A Head Scratcher

I talked the new owner of Blueberry Fields, a local health food store, into ordering me the almond milk yogurt I like. They had never heard of Amande or any yogurt made from almond milk. Maybe it’s a West coast thing?


I assured him that it’s leaps and bounds above any goat’s milk yogurt or soy yogurt that I’ve tried. He was very kind and said he would be happy to order it in and see how it does with his other customers. The next week when I went in to pick it up, he and his staff were even able to give it a taste test because as I was grabbing them out of the cooler, one fell to the floor, split open, and sprayed all over his shoe.

I layered the yogurt with homemade granola. You can find my recipe here.


As the yogurt fell through the air in slow motion, hit the ground with a thud, splattering his shoe…I muttered “$hit” under my breath, apologized profusely and offered to pay for it.  One of those awkward moments where you’d like to close you’re eyes and pretend no one can see you like small children often do.

But, as I like to believe, everything happens for a reason even if the reason makes you feel like an idiot. They tasted it and liked it, so if it’s a hit with other customers, then I should be able to buy it on a regular basis!

It’s the little things in life, people.

Speaking of the little things in life. Here’s a little peek out the kitchen window from a few days ago. It stopped me in my tracks as I walked through to make a cup of tea. 


I went shopping in Keene on Thursday, all by myself for the second time…I might add. Might sound slightly ridiculous to you adventurous souls out there, but driving around here is nerve wracking. It’s kind of dense as far as trees and such so it’s hard to get a grip on land marks. I’m used to wide open spaces where I can at least see which direction I’m headed.

There’s also a lot of roundabouts, they call them something else, but I don’t remember what. They make my armpits sweat. But I’m getting used to it and I have Telenav that stops me from getting too lost (when it works), so I’ve been venturing out on my own and getting to know the area a bit.

An example of a rather tame roundabout. The roundabouts on Main street in Keene…not always so tame.


While I was doing a little shopping at Colony Mill Marketplace (they have a wonderful bookstore) an older woman overheard me say to the cashier that we had recently moved from Washington state. She asked where and I told her and it turns out she lived about an hour from where we used to live. We chatted for a minute and basically she told me she doesn’t like it here, and even drove the comment home with a very disapproving look on her face. She was shocked to hear that we love it so much. Shocked! 

I didn’t want to get into the reasons as to why she doesn’t like it here, because frankly, I hate to spread that kind of negative “stuff” and I don’t like it when people spread it to me either. So I paid for my things, said “nice meeting you”, and high tailed it out of there.

Here’ s a gorgeous sunset off our back deck. Isn’t it just awful here in New Hampshire?


As I did a little mental inventory on the drive home, I thought to myself, “What’s not to like?”. Genuinely nice people, absolutely gorgeous surroundings, no state income tax or sales tax, the “live free or die” mentality, as much gluten-free eating out as we like, a palpable pride in the communities, lakes everywhere, hiking and trails everywhere, Boston, New York City, the ocean, Canada and Europe…all within a reasonable distance. There’s something for everyone!

And in case you need more convincing…

20 Reasons to LOVE New Hampshire

9 Comments on “Breakfast Parfait, An Embarrassing Moment, & A Head Scratcher

  1. You will be set for driving in Europe now with your round-a-bout experience, especially Paris!!


  2. I can imagine some of her complaints, based on what I’ve heard, too. A combination of the cold weather, lack of paved roads, and that ” live free or die” attitude. The good part is that the things that make it challenging to live there are also the things that winnow out the people who don’t appreciate living there. Those that are left truly do take pride in their community. Good to hear you are settling in so well!


    • Hmm…I haven’t noticed the lack of paved roads. The weather isn’t any colder or any different, other than the humidity in the summer, than Washington state. The “live free or die” attitude, I believe, brings with it a genuineness to keep NH free and beautiful. From what I’ve heard, people are moving in droves from Massachusetts to NH and we’ve met many people from other New England states who have done the same. It’s all about attitude, I think. You can be happy wherever you are, or you can be unhappy wherever you are, it’s all about grasping your blessings. 🙂


  3. Oh, to add to the list of great things in NH…Organic Bonita Salon in Newmarket…in the official skinniest building in the state ( and probably any state!).


  4. I didn’t know you could buy almond milk yoghurt! I have almond milk smoothies every morning so I’m a huge fan of almond milk and I’d like to try the yoghurt. I’ll do some research to see if we can buy it in Sydney. I think you’ve moved to a lovely area and I think if you’re a negative person you will always find more bad than good in anywhere and everything. That view from your window is breathtaking – how beautiful xx


  5. Great news about the yogurt, April. I wouldn’t think twice about the woman or her opinion. Not everyone likes the same things. NH may not be her cup of tea. So be it. The important thing is that you and your DH are happy — and you don’t run into her again. 😉


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