I’m Still Here!

Well “here” as in at Starbuck’s in Keene because we’ve been told as of a few minutes ago, we won’t have internet in the house until Christmas Eve! Luckily we can get wifi at good old Starbuck’s! We were also told our house shipment was delayed for about a week and all of our things won’t arrive until at least the 14th of December. But fear not, we are handling it just fine. It’s giving us time to get the house in order. (The internet part…we’re not handling so well…Ha!)

The inspector told us to add bleach to the bathtub water and run the jets…this is what I found after leaving the bathroom for a few minutes. Eeeek! Thank goodness I wasn’t gone longer. That dark paint on the walls is also going bye-bye and being replaced with a brushed sage color.


I’m taking a lot of pictures and will have them ready for you when we finally have internet and I can do a proper post. And I promise that soon, this will turn back into a food blog and not so much of a travel and moving blog.

So far we are absolutely loving the new house. The neighbors we have met are extremely friendly and helpful and we are slowly exploring the area in between paint and supply runs. There were a few rooms with some odd paint (One was a little girl’s room with pink and white stripes that took two coats of heavy duty primer to cover) ย that we are fixing and we’re focusing on general cleaning in hopes that our furniture and other items will be delivered on Friday as they said they would be.

There are TONS of restaurants here offering gluten free choices and even dairy free choices! I couldn’t be more thrilled. It’s like a whole new world of dining out options have been opened for me. As a matter of fact we just at lunch at ย Elm City Bagels. The BEST gluten free sandwich…well, maybe the only gluten free sandwich I’ve ever had in a restaurant. They also sell gluten free bagels and wraps…all made from scratch, right there in their restaurant. So nice to have options! The other night we had gluten free pizza at Pizza Haven, a family owned restaurant right up the road from us. Their gluten free crust tasted so much like the real thing it freaked me out. It was delicious and the best part is that it’s owned by one of our neighbors.

Speaking of neighbors….evidently we have some that raise Turkeys. These silly things left their yard and followed some kids off the bus. We thought they were wild but the owners came up in their truck and corralled them into cages. They were really neat to see up close. I had no idea they were so colorful! The owner said the males were showing off for me. These were taken with my phone so you can’t see their gorgeous colors very well. Their heads are blue.


This is the female. She wanted to peck at my sparkly, red, nail polish. They were all very curious.



I hope you are all doing well, I sure miss seeing all of your blogs and your comments on mine! Oh, before I go, I woke up to beautiful bluejays in our backyard the other morning. Just gorgeous! And I’m also told there are Cardinals in our area. As soon as my zoom lens arrives with the rest of our things I’ll try to get pictures.

Talk to you soon ~ April

8 Comments on “I’m Still Here!

  1. The more you discover, April, the better your home & community sound. It’s great that so many restaurants offer good GF choices, too. I’m sure that will be the case all over but, for now, sounds like you could not have found a better area. Looking forward to see your photos but there’s no need to rush. First you’ve a house to turn into your home. ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. I hope you have the internet on by now and I’m so happy you’re enjoying your new home. I love the turkeys! And we moved house earlier this year and I was driven to distraction with the delays upon delays of the internet provider getting us connected. So hard to live with! xx


    • Thanks to a wonderful neighbor who came over today and gave us the password to his wireless, we are now on the internet! I have a lot of catching up to do…LOL We are supposed to have ours set up on the 26th, we’ll see.

      Hope you are doing well! ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. By now you have your Christmas display and your furniture (thanks to Facebook!) and I’m sure you’ll want to put your feet up and just admire your hard work!! Have a restful and very merry Christmas, April!! xx


  4. Just stumbled across your blog, and so happy to discover you! I am so jealous that you are moving to NH…it’s one of my favorite places, and yes, so rich with local, healthful food, and great people! I had plans to move there, but then Life Happened, and I am down south in Maryland, still trying to adjust after years here. I did make a GF white pizza last night, using local oysters instead of clams, and it was a winner! A touch of New England. I’ll get around to posting the recipe one of these days. In the meantime, I look forward to reading more of your adventures.
    Happy New Year,


    • Hi Melanie! Thank you for stopping by. Things are slowing down (a bit…lol) so I’m going to try to get back on track with a couple of new posts a week. Happy New Year! ๐Ÿ™‚


      • Apropos of nothing…but when your blog name is condensed for your gravatar, it reads like the beginning of a Def Leppard song. (If that is before your time, look up Rock of Ages on You Tube) Gluten-free, but extra cowbells. ๐Ÿ™‚


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