Day 1…Kind Of

I love it when I’m reminded  that life doesn’t need a thousand ingredients and we can live on so much less than we really think we can. I wasn’t willing to leave behind a very expensive organic, free range, whole chicken so this is what we’ll be having for lunch today and probably dinner. I was thinking I was going to have to run it over to a neighbor’s house to roast it but realized I had left a cookie sheet out. I covered it with foil and it roasted just fine. Why do I always think I need a roasting pan?

I chopped some organic sweet potatoes and onions, and peeled garlic…I’ll just saute them and then we can have them with the roasted chicken and maybe an egg for breakfast. And when I say ‘we’ I mean me. Tony would starve to death before he ate a sweet potato for breakfast. This grill pan will be joining us in the trailer.

Yesterday was a busy but boring day as far as blogging goes. I spared you more pictures of box filled rooms. Today we will fill the trailer with things we will need on the road and try to shore up what is left to do inside the house. I swear there’s a mess in every room. Now it feels like we’re just running around in circles!

I decided to pack almost everything instead of just doing the non-breakables. It made sense to do it as I went along. I’ve left 2 large pictures and 1 large mirror and several lamps for the movers to pack. If I’m reading the estimate correctly, just those things will cost us over $400.00 to pack. Clearly, we should all be in the moving business. And a side note to all of you who think you don’t have much stuff and that you should pack your own things…don’t. It’s a huge amount of work and although I’m happy that I was able to do it in an organized fashion, I wouldn’t do it again.

Because we’ve packed most everything ourselves, there’s no need for them to show up tomorrow and  pack for us, so now Tuesday has become moving day. So today isn’t really day one,  it’s been pushed back to day 2. Tomorrow they haul all of our things out of here and we’ll take our trailer to my mom’s for a few days so we can shore things up and run some errands before we leave town.

~See You Tomorrow!~

10 Comments on “Day 1…Kind Of

  1. I have just found out that I am supposed to eat gluten and dairy free foods.I found your blog and love it.Gives me ideas to make food.Thanks a lot


    • Hi Karuna!

      Thank you for stopping by! Hopefully you’ll be able to find a lot of recipes that will work for you. We’re in the process of moving across the country so my recipes will probably slow down just a bit until we get settled. But stay tuned and you can follow us across the United States! ~April


  2. How exciting to be really, actually, truly on the road! Have a safe journey, April. As for the chicken and sweet potatoes… Mmmmmmmm…
    ~ Lynda


  3. Hi April! That is a wonderful farewell lunch, dinner AND breakfast 😉 I hope that what’s left of the moving goes smoothly and that very soon you’ll be able to enjoy your new home.


    • Thanks John! Yesterday went off without a hitch which is nice. I have a terrible cold so I’m dreading going back over to the house to clean today. Should be hitting the road and heading toward the east sometime this weekend. 🙂


  4. What a lovely looking chicken and well done on thinking of how to roast it while everything’s packed. Great improvisation. So many others would have dialed up a takeaway pizza – well done to you on cooking something so much more nutritious xx


    • Unfortunately, being dairy free and gluten free means I’ve had to say goodbye to dialing up for pizza. Looking forward to getting settled again so we can eat full meals!


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