Day 3 And I’m Already Behind!

Well, I missed the day four update, life is a little crazy around here and both my husband and I seem to be trying to manage a monstrous to-do list with brains of oatmeal.

This is what he “got” to wake up to this morning.  I’ve gotten used to his traveling and have slipped into – I want to be comfortable and warm in the morning mode. Instead of – I want to be cute for my husband mode. But hey, it snowed yesterday and right now it’s only 25 degrees. So give a girl a break.

I did manage to make him Blueberry Banana bread yesterday for breakfast though.

Maybe in some weird way that makes up for the frumpy robe, over-sized slippers, striped socks, and raccoon eyes I greeted him with this morning. I forgot the streusel topping on the banana bread, but it was still quite tasty. This morning we managed to make ourselves bacon and oatmeal with limited supplies. Ahhh…bacon, it just has a way of making everything in life better.

This is what the entrance of our kitchen looks like. And pretty much what every single room in our house looks like. Someone tell me why I lose the tape, marker, and scissors every single time I set them down.

Yesterday we tackled the garage. There’s more on the other side. Let me just say, I had to take ibuprofen when we were finished. Tony had to drain the oil and gasoline out of all of the garage “equipment”. It was quite the chore.

The garage was a big job and I’m glad my husband was in town to help. It’s also a good thing he was here to talk me out of throwing everything away or leaving it behind. I just kept asking myself, “Why do we need all this stuff? Do we really need to cart dirty, dusty, planters with us all the way across the country?” According to Tony, yes…yes we do.  

Today, we tackled the basement. The last area of the house to be packed. It was shocking because it started off so organized and looked practically empty. Unfortunately, it made the ibuprofen/garage day look like child’s play. It makes one wonder if wrapping 5 huge boxes of dishware is realistic. Especially after spending several hours yesterday in the kitchen wrapping more of the same… If there was a rehab center for people who are addicted to bakeware, cocktail hour glassware, and dishware, I’d be a strong candidate. We just have a couple of things to wrap up and then hallelujah and amen we will be done.

Until tomorrow.

We never got around to finishing our basement. Now I’m really thankful that we didn’t! We had no idea a year ago when we were knee-deep in remodeling the other 2/3 of the house that we would only be enjoying the fruits of our labor for one year. I’m glad we didn’t put the money into it since the market is less than desirable for sellers right now.

I promise not to post any more pictures of the house filled with boxes. But remember, I told you I was taking you right along with us, every step of the way. That means the good, bad, and the ugly.

The dogs are beginning to question things. (Wait until we pack them in the backseat of the truck with the cat.) Poor Abigail has had that look on her face for much of the day.

We did have a great ending to our day on Thursday though. It’s not all about packing and craziness. You have to squeeze in a little fun here and there! Tony went to see the new James Bond movie with Brandon and I went to a “going away” girls night that was hosted by one of my good friends in our neighborhood. It was so nice to relax with a couple of glasses of wine, snacks, and just visit!

~See you tomorrow!~

5 Comments on “Day 3 And I’m Already Behind!

  1. Oh dear oh dear,, i have packed up a house and moved so often that i had nightmare looking at this post but I have to say i LOVED seeing all the neatly stacked boxes, oh I know that feeling.. poor doggies, what must they be thinking! you are right on target.. good job.. c


  2. April, you’re a marvel! You’ve accomplished so much! Glad that you both made time for a little R&R, as well.Two more days and you’ll be on your way. Hang in there!


  3. Oh wow! It looks so overwhelming. What a huge task. Your poor dogs! I feel for them. They must be so confused. Well done on all you achieved over the weekend. I’m glad you were able to get out for some time with the girls and a couple of glasses of wine! xx


  4. Oh, your sweet pups’ faces!! They are totally just wondering “Why?” “What is going on?” “Is it something I did?” Good luck with your packing, I’ve done it and it can be a nightmare!! You seem to have a good handle on things though!!


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