And The Countdown Begins – Day 5

Ever have so much to do that you feel like you’re wandering around in circles? Yes? Me too. And I posted that same question on Facebook this morning and it seems like a lot of people feel that way. As you can imagine, we’re up to our ear lobes in boxes and because of Hurricane Sandy and the Nor’easter, my husband is home and able to help.Who knew we had so much stuff? That may be one of the downsides of being an organized person. Your house may look clean and put together, but because you’re organized, you can fit a lot of things into closets, cupboards, and storage. 54 boxes have been packed. We aren’t finished with the kitchen and haven’t even ventured into the basement or garage. But by doing this ourselves we can truly say,” a penny saved is a penny earned…right?” 😉

In five short days we’ll be saying goodbye to a home we’ve lived in for almost 13 years. Brandon was in the early stages of grade school! So many wonderful memories over the years. Countless family gatherings and celebrations. Lazy summers with kids running in and out of the house. Neighbors who have turned into close friends. Relaxing in our backyard. Watching all the kids grow up and go on their way, starting their own lives. Neighborhood drama. Families coming and going. Seeing up close and personal a massive house fire across the street. (They made it out and rebuilt and are doing just fine!) A moose stuck in the soccer field across the street. Being able to rely on at least 4 neighbors that would text us if we left our garage door open. Probably 3,000 trick or treaters over the years…that’s a lot of candy. Santa driving up and down the street playing Christmas music and yelling “Merry Christmas!” giving candy canes out to all the children. Neighbors helping neighbors. All the typical stuff, and maybe not so typical stuff that you’d expect from a neighborhood you settled into and called home.

About a year ago we went through a transition when our son moved out to start his own life and now we’re going through another  major transition. I can’t imagine that anything could be quite as hard as our son moving out!  But just like most things in this life, we get used to the transitions…eventually, and when the dust settles we can see a sliver of what the future holds and why things happen the way the do. Luckily, we’ve had 5 months to prepare ourselves for the big move. It takes a while to wrap your head around moving roughly 3,000 miles from everyone and everything with which you’re familiar. Thankfully we’re living in amazing technological times and we can Skype, text, call, face to face, Facebook, and email any time we’d like. Tony also has an abundance of frequent flier miles so when I’m missing our son and my mom, we’re set.

And guess what? We have finally found a house in New Hampshire! Our offer was accepted and we’ll be able to move in on December 7th. It sits on one acre, which is just right for us, as we only live on a quarter acre now. It’s also a little larger than our current home, but that’s OK, it leaves lots and lots of room for guests. Needless to say, we’ll be investing in a riding lawn mower. They removed the house from internet yesterday, so now I can’t look at it every day like I had been! Should have copied all the pictures while I had the chance. But now I guess I’ll be even more surprised when I get there because I already can’t remember what a lot of the inside looks like. And of course my husband looked at so many houses that when I ask him questions about this one, his answers get jumbled with other houses and then he finally admits that he can’t remember!

The early move in means if we work fast, I’ll still be able to decorate for Christmas, my absolute favorite holiday of the year. We are beyond excited, love the new house…even though I’ve only seen pictures of it…Ha! And we can’t wait to get settled and start exploring around the area. We’ll be living in a hilly lake region in southern New Hampshire, close to the Massachusetts border. From the pictures I’ve seen and from what my husband has told me, it’s absolutely gorgeous! From what I understand and the research I’ve done, the majority of New Hampshire is pretty much rural unless you live in Manchester. Evidently, NH has 113 lakes, 197 rivers and streams, and a total state population of only 1,318,000 people! The city I live in right now has 500,000 people. So I’m assuming there’s a lot of room to move around and beauty to explore in New Hampshire. There are so many quaint little towns, I can’t wait to see how they’re all decorated for the holidays! Then come summer, it’s tourist/lake season, and there are tons and tons of festivals and all kinds of things to see and do.

We are both extremely excited and can’t wait to get on the road and begin our new adventure!

So stay tuned, I plan to take you with me!

~ April

5 Comments on “And The Countdown Begins – Day 5

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  2. April…I just about got all teary reading about your goodbyes to all those memories. What wonderful memories you will take with you to your new incredible and beautiful and stunning home. I’m so glad you have spare room for guests. Did you know Aussies make excellent guests? xx


  3. Wow, April. 5 days! How quickly things move. Am very glad to read that you’ve found a new home. It looks fantastic and what a lawn! Yeah, you better get a riding mower. I’ve never been to New Hampshire but it sounds like a beautiful part of the country to call home. I’m sure that you and your Husband will be very happy there.
    In case you’re too busy to come back here beforehand, good luck with the move and trip cross-country. The adventure is just beginning …


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