A Change In The Weather ~ My Corner of The World

This is what a change in the weather looks like at my house.

Early mornings are in the 40’s now…

The lump on the other end of the couch is Abigail. She’s covered from head to toe and burrowed down even deeper when she heard the camera clicking away. 

Fall is on its way…

14 Comments on “A Change In The Weather ~ My Corner of The World

  1. Our chihuahua hides herself under the covers in the middle of the summer. I am always afraid that someone will accidentally sit on her… Even though it is still pretty warm here, I am looking forward to the fall, all the beautiful colors and just a cool down.


    • I love the colors of fall too! Plus, I wouldn’t mind getting another part of my wardrobe out to wear. I’m getting a little tired of my summer clothing!

      Isn’t it funny how dogs like to sleep under the covers? You would think with their hairy bodies they would get too hot.


    • We’ve had a nice, hot, summer so far…pretty much in the high 80’s and 90’s. I don’t like it very much when it gets up past 85 though! The nights are definitely cooling down though and the mornings are down right chilly. I’m on the Washington/Idaho border.


  2. 40’s in the morning? Already?!?!? I’m very glad we’re past the point of 100˚+ days but I’m just not ready for anything less than 55˚ yet. I bet Abigail’s comfortable, though! What is it about dogs? In Summer, Max finds the only spot in the house where there’s a steady breeze and, in Winter, he’ll find the warmest place to nap. I need to start following him around with my pillow.


    • We’ve been in the 80’s but today it was only 73. The mornings are definitely starting to get crisp!

      I agree with following the dogs around with our pillows…I think it’s a great idea! They always seem to find the best spots. 🙂


  3. And we can tell that Spring is on its way. We’re all waking up earlier because it’s getting so much lighter so much sooner. Love the image of Abigail trying to keep warm xx


    • I wish spring was on the way again! I keep forgetting you and I share opposite seasons. That’s Romeo with his nose poking out, Abigail is at the other end completely covered. We do love our puppies!


  4. I’m excited to feel the fall weather after spending 12 years in Florida! It’s not hit where I’m at yet, but looking at your photos has me longing for that feeling!!


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