Going Green

Sometimes I get really tired of breakfast. I’m not really a breakfast food person, although I won’t turn down pancakes or crepes. I prefer leftover dinner for breakfast, but even that has me feeling “blah” lately. A smoothie is a wonderful way boost your vegetable, fruit, and protein intake. They are easy to make, convenient, and a light and healthy way to consume high fiber and nutrients that most of us have a difficult time getting enough of in our diets.

This recipe is adapted from Women’s Health Magazine. Theirs didn’t have protein powder, or pineapple. They also had two apples and ginger where I had 1 apple and no ginger (I love ginger, husband doesn’t). They also juiced theirs. I don’t believe in juicing. Although it looks gorgeous, whereas mine resembled a bit of pea soup, you miss out on all of that amazing fiber if you juice instead of simply blending. If you can, use all organic ingredients.

Pea soup look aside, this smoothie is delicious and fresh tasting. Sure to give you a light and energetic start to your Friday!

Going Green Smoothie

*Makes two 16 ounce smoothies

1 Large Packed Handful of Baby Spinach Leaves

2 Medium Carrots, peel on

2 Stalks of Celery

1 Apple, cored, skin on

1/2 Cup Pineapple

Juice of 1/2 Large Lemon

2 Scoops Protein Powder, I use brown rice protein

About 8 oz. Spring Water

About 8 oz. Ice

Place all ingredients in a heavy-duty blender and blend until smooth. You can add more water for whatever consistency you desire.

17 Comments on “Going Green

  1. If you are blending in a VitaMix or other heavy duty blender, I suggest you leave the seeds in the apple. They contain Laetrile and every little bit helps when it comes to avoiding cancer. Also use organic apples as the conventional ones are at the top of the pesticide residue list.


    • Yep, I use organic whenever is possible. I’m not sure if the Laetrile outweighs the cyanide in the seeds…I don’t leave them in because it makes things taste bitter.


      • The cyanide is in a form that is not harmful because it takes an enzyme that only exists in a cancerous cell to release the cyanide, which is why the Laetrile is a selective killer of cancer cells. Healthy cells are not affected. I have never tasted the bitterness of the seeds, but then my smell and taste were damaged by a prescriptive drug. I don’t think there is enough in one apple to be very effective, but every little bit helps. Some people eat 30 apricot pits per day, and that does work for most people, but not all.


      • Oh my goodness…30 apricot pits! Do they make that in pill form or something? I don’t think even my Vitamix could take on a task like that. LOL


  2. This is a good, healthy way to start you day, April. I need to get back into the habit of making smoothies again, especially now that berry season is upon us. They really are good!


  3. I love starting the day with a fresh juice or smoothie. I think this would be wonderful with the pineapple. Great smoothie recipe xx


  4. I also like refried dinner for breakfast about 11, but this smoothie would be perfect for an after milking drink before the day starts to get crazy! c


  5. Nothing could be healthier than this drink!! Love it.. and I love the look of your new blog!! How did you do it?? It’s sooo pretty!! xo Smidge


  6. I make something similar to this. Mine is also done in the blender, with celery stalks, apple, ginger, baby spinach, in addition to an orange (peeled), a cucumber (unpeeled), fresh berries, a nectarine and blended with orange juice.


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