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We have a beautiful trail not even fifteen minutes from our house. Lots of wonderful things to see and hear. Wildlife for one. We’ve seen Moose, Deer, many different species of birds and water fowl, and we’ve seen the work of some very busy Beavers but have never seen the hard workers themselves.

As summer approaches there will be all types of flowers and even wild roses. It’s quite lovely and one of my favorite places to walk the dogs. It’s about a 5 mile or so trip up to the Cedar Forest. I have yet to do the whole thing up to the top past the Cedar Forest, which I think is about 8 miles. After the Cedar Forest it gets much more difficult but I will definitely do it before we leave for New Hampshire. Evidently there’s a gorgeous waterfall and a cool Boy Scout cabin up there.

Busy Beavers. There are a few of these dams along the trail.

I love to just stand and look at them. Such amazing workers they are!

I’m thinking this is where they live…their condo with waterfront property.

This is Romeo. He’s searching for a stick for he and Abigail to play with.

He is terrified of bugs and our new tile floors, but doesn’t think twice about plunging his head into dirty swamp water.

Found it.

Best Friends Forever.

More Beaver magic.

And Romeo grazing on grass that I will surely be pulling out of unsavory places later.


Welcome to the Cedar Forest

Water in the mountains is like a melody to the soul.

And back down the trail we go…

5 1/2 inches. 

Ahhhh…sunny skies. 

Getting ready to take the allergy level up a notch.


Enjoy your day!

11 Comments on “Starting the Day Off Right – My Corner Of The World

    • We are certainly blessed to have so many nice areas to hike, ski, and get in the water around here. It will be fun when we move to New Hampshire to find new spots. 🙂


    • Well now… somehow I git the one word in and then entered it. What a fumble fingers! Anyway, I love your hike and especially the blue trillium! What state is this? (Guessing N. California) ~ Lynda


  1. What a lovely hike! So many pretty photos.. I love them all, but my favorite is your two pups carrying a stick together.. that’s precious!


    • Thank you! I love the hike, the surroundings change about every two weeks so there’s always something neat to see. Abigail and Romeo are quite the crack up sometimes. They are hard to get good pictures of though. I wish that one hadn’t been so blurry, it would have been cute in a frame. Maybe next time! 🙂


  2. What a nice trail to live near, April. The flowers are beautiful but you have the added pleasure of being able to see such a wide variety of wildlife. How wonderful!
    Your Romeo and my Max have a lot in common. Max has been called the “scuba dog” at the dog beach. He’ll dive down and stay there until he gets the rock, stick or toy on the bottom. Once, a woman was in waist deep water tossing one of two frisbees to her lab. Max wanted the other frisbee. She finally stood on it to discourage him. He dove under and wrestled it out from under her foot. I hate to think what the Romeo & Max would do together. Yikes!

    Thanks for taking the time to photograph and post the pictures today, April. I enjoyed our walk. 🙂


    • Thank you, John, I’m glad you enjoyed the pictures. Sometimes I just like to mix it up a little bit. Even for me food can get a little boring. Ha!

      I think Max and Romeo would be great friends! Abigail doesn’t care for other dogs and if we run into them or are at the dog park, she likes to spend a large amount of time making sure they don’t come near me. It’s funny to watch how protective she is but probably not funny to the other dogs who get the death growl.

      That is hilarious about Max taking the frisbee from under that woman’s foot! Go Max!


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