April’s Gone Crackers

Not really, I’m still “normal”, I haven’t lost my mind. Yet.

These crackers? These crackers have me jumping for joy. They have me thinking about all of the yummy food combinations you can eat on a cracker that I haven’t been able to eat in years.

To Die For

So yesterday on just an average grocery shopping trip I ran across these amazing little table crackers from Schar. I thought…”Hmm…table crackers. Do I dare?”

Typically gluten-free crackers are either very dense and kind of pasty chalky or very crunchy, like in the form of those round rice crackers you see. Those rice crackers kind of resemble “diet” crackers. They taste like it too. Or how about that certain brand that looks like something you should feed your horse and is likely to send you to the dentist needing a crown and at the very minimum gives you heart burn for a good five hours? We eat them anyway, because really, sometimes life just calls for crackers and how many choices do those of us with multiple food allergies really have?

So after I scanned the ingredients I took a leap and thought, “Why not?”. If they end up tasting like any other gluten-free cracker so what.

Well, let me tell you something…they are amazingly delicious. Hands down the absolute best gluten-free cracker that I have ever had that does not taste GF DF and has perfect texture.

They are kind of a half way point between the texture and taste of a Saltine cracker and those Club crackers we’ve all served at parties. Perfect texture, lovely “normal” cracker flavor. Perfect. Perfect. Perfect.

So delicious in fact, that I cannot stop thinking about them. I opened them immediately after loading my groceries in the car. Ate 6 of them on the way home and made tons of “I’ve died and gone to Heaven” noises that quickly irritated my son who was along for some visiting time.

Then, I ate another one while putting groceries away. Then, I ate three more at 10:00 PM before bed with that amazing Parlick Fell cheese that I’ve told you about. And this morning, it was all I could do not to eat them for breakfast with peanut butter slathered all over them. So, I settled for an almond milk yogurt for my breakfast and then counted down the hours until I could make lunch with my new-found crackers at a reasonable lunch time.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. Or maybe not, because then that just leaves more for me!

11 Comments on “April’s Gone Crackers

  1. Thanks for the hot tip, April! I have avoided crackers since going gluten free. It is one of those foods that had better be good, or else, “Why bother?”
    BTW, Schar makes a mean French baguette sold in an individually sealed two pack! I bake one and save one for another day. They are VERY well sealed and hold up to the freezer well. 🙂 (They seam to be very low salt, so I switch to salted butter for these.)
    ~ Lynda
    PS: picked up my Parlick Fell over the weekend and I’m making the sandwiches for dinner tonight.


    • Oh, I will definitely have to look for their baguette! I did see the pizza crust and some other type of crispy bread. Are the baguettes on the shelf or in the refrigerated area/freezer area?

      I love that cheese. I’ve eaten it twice today. Ha! It goes very well with red meat. Hope you enjoy the sandwiches!


  2. Good for you, April! I’m glad you found a great cracker. Isn’t it something how it’s the little things one misses? I would never even think of crackers — until I couldn’t have one. I’ve just started making my own but, sadly, they aren’t GF. This is one post I’ll file away for future use. Thanks!


    • I miss crackers and cheese a lot and those round rice crackers are just not the same! And crackers with butter, crackers with soup, crackers and peanut butter…Yum! I don’t have to miss them anymore though and that makes me very happy!

      Have a good evening, John! ~ April


  3. Buy crates of them and stash them away! Those things are like lipstick, the moment you find the perfect one they take them off the market! have a good day! c


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