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We’re on day 5 of the “make-over”. Day 5 without a kitchen, day 2 with all of our furniture living in the garage, I can’t even remember how many days we’ve been without carpet and flooring (steer clear of the tack strips – ouch!), and day 1 without usable bathrooms. The trailer is our new home for the next few days until the new tile is able to be walked on and we can re-install all the potties. Soon we’ll have new carpet and new appliances. Painting is almost done. There’s nothing quite like having your entire house torn apart at once. It’s exciting and nerve-wracking all at the same time.

I’m really looking forward to doing all of my holiday baking in the new “ish” kitchen! That is, once we purchase the appliances. Um, yah, we better get on that. At the beginning of this process things were moving so slowly that we felt like we had all the time in the world to figure out what we were doing. Paint colors, appliances, etc. The pace has picked up dramatically and we are still running in slow motion! That might be in part, due to this (the photo below)  and the fact that we’re sore, tired, and not the young, agile little chicklets we once were….

Yep. Seems that the builder didn’t want our floors to squeak…ever. So they glued, screwed, and nailed the underlayment flooring to the  sub-flooring. Quite the task involving hammers, crow bars, and some kind of small jack hammer tool we had to purchase. This was just the first area of 5 that had to be scraped and beaten into submission. Unbelievably dusty, messy, and incredibly loud. With the trailer in front of our house and the sound of the air compressor and jack hammer for several days in a row…I’m sure our neighbors are loving us.

On another somewhat separate subject, someone so “lovingly” keeps posting the Christmas Countdown on Facebook (37 Days, 9 Hours, and 20 minutes in case you were just dying to know).I’m trying to ignore it, I keep telling myself, “Look away! Look away! “. I love the Christmas holiday, it’s by far, my favorite time of year. But for some reason, now that we’re living in a trailer in our front yard, our house is gutted, and I just put on the first pair of clean jeans in a week…I’m not liking the Christmas Countdown reminder, at all. I just want everything to come to a screeching halt so I don’t miss any of the Christmas fun. Then, once we have the house back together, it’s fully decorated for Christmas, and I’m nibbling on frosted gingerbread cookies…THEN I’ll be ready to look at the Christmas Countdown clock without feeling like someone has their hand around my throat.  I mean seriously people, it’s not even Thanksgiving!

Abigail sat in the window almost the entire day today (notice nose smudges) keeping an eye on every move the tile guy made as he ran in and out of the house. She may be small but she’s definitely the Queen and the one that thinks she needs to keep an eye on things.

And then…there’s Romeo. Romeo, who is 1 year older, weighs about 25 pounds more than Abigail, and is several inches taller. Hiding under the blankets in the bedroom of the trailer. Thoroughly irritated that we have disrupted his routine.

We’re hoping almost everything will be finished the week after Thanksgiving. Then it’s time for some Christmas cheer!

11 Comments on “The View From Over Here – My Corner Of The World

  1. amazingly lanky dog! and oh dear.. poor you.. what a performance and it will get better but with only 37 days left!! maybe you should practice making christmas dinner in your caravan! What a huge job! c


  2. It’s going to be beautiful!!! I’m assuming someone has invited you for Thanksgiving dinner, though. Love your dogs; are they Viszlas (not sure how it’s spelled!). Poor babies can’t figure out what the heck’s going on. Blessings!


    • Yep, I got out of Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Christmas day this year! Ha! Not that I don’t love to do all the cooking (obviously) but some years it’s nice to take a break and just enjoy going to someone else’s shindig. 🙂


  3. At this point the dogs are far more beautiful than all the wreckage in the house–but never fear, you’ll love it when it’s all put back together! The dogs will, of course, remain gorgeous. 🙂

    Wishing you smooth sailing with the remaining parts of the project. Countdown or no, you’ll be loving it by Christmas, I suspect!



  4. April- I can’t wait to see how your renovations turn out! I don’t think there’s anything more exciting than a new kitchen! Also, I love your dogs- they’re so sweet. I’ve never known anyone with a vizsla, they seem really sweet tempered.


    • Tile is done, appliances are in, and the carpet went in yesterday. A little more painting to do, curtains to hem, and a lot of putting things back together and we’re hoping by Sunday to have it all done!

      We love our Vizslas!! Of course, we think they are the best breed in the world. 😉 They are very sweet tempered and absolutely love people. When we take them to the dog park or hiking they are always just as happy to see the people as they are other dogs. They call them “velcro” dogs because they love to be near their owners and are a true family dog. I don’t have one complaint about them!


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