A New Look For The Blog – My Corner Of The World

Change. Actually, I love it. I don’t love surprises, but I do like to switch things up now and then and fluff my “life pillows”. Lately I’ve been feeling the need to simplify my life…you know the mood I’m talking about, right? Time to clean closets, get rid of some things we never use, clean the garage, deep clean the basement (that one I’m still working on and am regretting a little), clean out cupboards, basically streamline the household and bring a little more order to our lives. So why not tidy up the blog as well? I do like the original theme I chose for my blog, it definitely fits the whole zen attitude, but I was finding it to be kind of busy with all the swirls and do dads and felt like the design and color was kind of taking away from the food photographs.

I really wanted to simplify the look of the blog and have been stuck between two themes for about three weeks. The cool thing is that I can change it whenever I want so I’m not really stuck with anything for a long period of time. I really wanted to go all black and gray, very streamlined, but my husband suggested that I start slower because I was kind of heading from one end of the spectrum to the other.

He seems to have all kinds of “suggestions” lately. Last night he informed me right before bed that he thought my crouton post was much too harsh because I was talking about people whining about their new or not so new gluten-free life. Then, I tossed and turned all night worrying about it. Then I got up and tweaked it a little because who knows, maybe he was right? Then, I worried about changing it and scolded myself for changing it because it is my blog after all, and I should be able to say whatever I want. I certainly don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings though…  Of course while I was contemplating his offhanded remark and jumping from one conclusion to another, he slept like a baby! lol This morning I thought, jeesh, what would I do if I had written a book or something and was critiqued in a negative way? I would never get a wink of sleep! Might be a good indication that being an author is not a viable future plan for me…

Oh well, one disliked post out of 115 or so posts isn’t such a bad track record. My goal is to provide a blog that the newly and not so newly gluten-free and dairy-free can come to and see that the new life they’ve been given is totally “do able”. Sometimes we all need a wake up call and to be reminded that we are allergen free now for a very good reason.

Anyhoo…the new look. More streamlined, still would like to go to the black and gray look, but will wait for now and see how this one grows on me. Please feel free to give your opinion on the new look. As long as it’s not right before I’m headed to bed…

4 Comments on “A New Look For The Blog – My Corner Of The World

  1. Hi April….I’m excited about the new web design. I don’t really care what you post, or what your site looks like…I just love what you are doing for all of us GF and DF folks. Love, love, love your recipes. Please keep them coming. Still waiting…and still very patient, for my GF/DF quiche recipe. I know you have one in ya…!!! Love ya, Gay


    • Hi Gay, so nice to hear from you, miss you so much! I haven’t forgotten about your quiche, I promise I will get it done in the next two weeks. Need to make some pie dough for peach pies too. Thank you for the nice note, hope you are well. 🙂


  2. I like the new look, but also liked the “old” look. Anything’s fine with me as long as you keep the great recipes and comments coming!


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